6 female weightlifters' Instagram accounts to help you get strong

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These are the best female weight-lifting Instagram accounts you need to follow if you’re looking to strengthen your workout.

The Stylist Strong studio has opened it’s doors, giving women a supportive space to strengthen their body and mind. 

If you’re looking to introduce more weight lifting into your exercise routine, it’s always handy to have some examples of women who are experienced in the strength training game, not just to serve as inspiration, but to pick up some tips from, too.

Thankfully, Instagram is here to help. The social platform boasts a wealth of fitness content, with plenty of female weight lifters posting their favourite training regimes and sharing their progress with followers.

Although studies have previously shown that too much social media time can have a negative impact on our mental health, and we would never encourage following fitness experts online if you don’t feel it would be a positive influence on your wellbeing journey, taking tips and tricks from some of the incredible women below can be a really worthwhile addition to how you manage your fitness schedule.

From keeping your motivation on track to learning new moves and ways of working out, these talented ladies are all shining examples of what hard work can do. Physical changes aside, the power of knowing you can stick to something mentally is an amazing, empowering feeling, and a message that many of these Instagram stars promote themselves. 

As well as being able to follow their workouts on Instagram, many of them also have their own fitness businesses which you can learn more about if you want to follow their plans beyond the snippets that you see on social media. 

So check out five of our favourite fitness stars on Instagram to give your workout a boost.

  • Courtney Pruce

    Courtney is a London based fitness coach and exudes sunshine positivity in everything she does. Although Courtney has some pretty intense training videos (which we’ll get on to in a minute) her first priority is being real with her followers and making it clear that everyone’s journey is their own and being honest about her down days, too. She also puts an emphasis on her ‘real gains’ being the gains in her social life, her memories, laughter and friends, which we have a lot of time for.

    Courtney is a great person to follow if you already feel quite advanced in your fitness journey as she incorporates more experimental methods into her workouts, such as headstands and handstand walks. She also has experience in body building and takes part in Cross Fit Opens, where she shows off her deadlifting skills. 

  • Gains 4 Girls aka LP and AC

    LP and AC are best friends and workout buddies who create their own workout guides under their fitness business, Gains 4 Girls. They are careful to stress that they see wellness as a combination of having a happy mind and body, and want to preach it as a whole with a focus on empowerment. 

    Between them they share pictures of body building competition progress, recipe ideas and a mixture of weight work outs using both free weights and weight machines.

  • Ciara London

    Ciara describes her top three priorities as personal training, body sculpting and female empowerment, so naturally we’re big fans. Not only is she a female trainer, but she has a selection of food and workout plans online which are available to buy from her website so you can learn her secrets even if you can’t train with her yourself.

    On her Instagram you’ll find loads of weighted squat workouts which act as great inspiration for anyone looking for new ideas on how to use dumbbells in their regime. 

  • Krissy Cela

    Krissy talks about how she once feared the idea of using weights in her workouts because she thought they would make her “bulky” or “manly” but says that her love of the gym has helped her anxiety and done wonders for her mental health. So much so that she has now created her own app to help women learn how to use weights in a way that works for them.

    All of the videos on her Instagram come with step by step methods so that you can try them yourself, which is super helpful. 

  • Grace Fit UK

    Grace is currently studying at Oxford University as well as nurturing her business as fitness star and personal trainer. Talk about impressive. 

    Grace walks her followers through a range of work outs on Instagram from little to no equipment, to smaller free weights and dumbbells. If you like what you see, you can purchase her work out guides and even get a branded resistance band. 

  • Melissa Alcantara

    Melissa Alcantara is perhaps best known for being Kim Kardashian West’s go-to personal trainer. She has shared her personal journey of getting strong since giving birth to her child seven years ago. Alcantara does this with inspiring workout videos and detailed captions full of tips. “Motivation comes and goes, but showing up and doing the work creates results,” she recently told Shape.

Stylist Strong is a fitness brand specialising in strength training specifically tailored for women. Our classes are designed to build both physical and mental strength in a smart and informed way.

So, whether you’re a beginner or already have strength-training experience, Stylist Strong has a class to suit you. Come and try our strength-based classes at our own purpose-built studio at The AllBright Mayfair. 

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