Feminist activism camps are launching across the UK

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It’s clear we need feminism now more than ever: Trump is cutting aid to international organisations that provide abortions, women earn a massive £3,297 less than men working in the public sector every year, and there is an endemic rise in on-campus sexual assaults in universities

As this ever-frustrating list of inequalities faced by women in society becomes longer and longer, the Women’s Equality Party (WEP) are vying for activism, not slactivism, with their decision to launch feminist activism camps across the UK.

Announcing the workshops on International Women’s Day, the new political party have begun rallying feminists from across the country to take part in their workshops and join the “fifth wave” of feminism.

The workshops are designed to give campaigners “the tools they need to push forward”, so that wannabe activists can “disrupt, organise and agitate for women’s equality” (nice power words, WEP).


Acknowledging the cause’s need for intersectionality, the camps are designed for all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds and experience.

“Our Feminism 5.0 camps will allow activists of all ages and from all backgrounds to learn from each other how to make political change,” said Sophie Walker, leader of the WEP, in a statement.

“Feminism is moving into a new, fifth wave, as hard-won freedoms are under attack across the globe, and the prospect of a gender-equal future looks more fragile than ever before. Women are beginning to organise and act, and Feminism 5.0 will give these new activists the tools they need to push forward, contesting elections, winning seats and changing attitudes.”

And if that’s not enough of an argument to join in, remember that women make up the majority of the UK’s population.

“The shortage of women in politics contributes to a culture that sees women as a special interest group when we are 51% of the population. It normalises gender roles that limit women in work and family life,” Walker added.

Interested in joining the fold? Add your name to the page’s mailing list at for more details. 

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Words: Jasmine Andersson


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