First Dates fans couldn’t stop laughing at this faux pas last night

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Kayleigh Dray
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From the first ever First Dates baby, to the grand opening of the First Dates Hotel in Southern France, our favourite dating reality show has been generating a huge amount of conversation on Twitter this year.

But, as you’ve probably guessed, there’s nothing the public love more than a good old-fashioned faux pas… and last night’s episode certainly delivered on that front.

When musician Tallulah entered the First Dates restaurant for her dinner with model Teddy, her pink hair caught the eye of smooth maître d' Fred Sirieix – who commented to the camera that she “looked like a super hero”.

He allowed her to get to know Teddy at the bar, where the duo got chatting about their ages (and whether they looked them), before leading them over to a cosy booth.

Cue Tallulah nervously blurting out: “Thanks Frank.”

“It’s Fred,” he replied, causing her to cover her face in dismay. “But don’t worry about it.”

Unsurprisingly, viewers were pretty scandalised by the slip-up, taking to social media in their droves to call Tallulah out on her mistake.

“Good to see Tallulah is a fan of the show,” quipped one.

Another, clearly unhappy with Fred’s new identity, wrote: “Calling Fred, Frank? Get in the bin.”

Even Channel 4's Twitter page got involved and wrote: “Did Tallulah just get @fredsirieix1's name wrong? She can't be Sirieix! #FirstDates”

The reaction seemed a tad melodramatic – after all, it’s not as if Tallulah got her own date’s name wrong. Which would, naturally, be a far bigger faux pas.

However, if it’s any consolation for Frank Fred, both Teddy and Tallulah were filmed waxing lyrical about his good looks.

“He’s quite handsome,” said Teddy, “if I was going to go for a male, then I’d probably choose him.”

Tallulah agreed, adding that she quite fancied setting her mum up with the (unfortunately already married) maître d.

Despite the initial awkwardness of their date, Tallulah and Teddy’s meal went without a hitch – and they won viewers over with their instant chemistry.

Come the end of the show, they readily admitted that they would love to go on another date, with Teddy saying: “I feel like we have a lot in common.”

Tallulah, opting for something slightly more poetic, added: “She looks into your soul with her eyes.”

Fred has become known as something of a love guru, thanks to the philosophical quotes and French sayings he spouts out during each First Dates episode.

Earlier this year, we sat down with the married father-of-two and asked him for his top dating tips – and he had an interesting approach for combating nerves.

“Fear is in your head, isn’t it?” he said. “Shakespeare used to say it’s just your ‘horrible imaginings’, and that really is all it is – it doesn’t exist outside your head. It’s up to us to push back against those horrible imaginings, dig deep, and find the strength to fight them.”

Sound advice. We’ll be sure to file that away for later...


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