Five reasons you could be feeling tired (and how to solve them)

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Stop reaching for the coffee and figure out why you’re feeling tired instead.

It’s a well-known millennial trait that we feel like we should ‘have it all’. From pursuing the dream career to maintaining a glittering social life, ticking all of the boxes can leave us feeling exhausted and burned out.

The sell-out success of Lush’s Sleepy body lotion and spray (and host of other products)  shows how many of us are finding it hard to get a good night’s rest.

But understanding your tiredness is part of creating a solution for it, and it turns out there are more types of tired than you probably thought.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan Australia, nutritional therapist Jackie Lynch explains that there five different types of tiredness, each with a range of explanations behind your fatigue and how to prevent it.

Struggling to feel properly rested?

According to Lynch, these are the different states of tiredness you could find yourself in:

Energy slumps

We feel a disparity in our energy levels thanks to the way our blood sugar dips and spikes throughout the day. Although some of this is natural, it can be made worse by eating sugary foods which cause us to experience a high and then a crash shortly after, leaving us more tired than to start with. Eating foods that slow release energy is a way to prevent this, such as wholegrain carbohydrates or foods that contain fibre or good fats. 

Feeling empty

If you sometimes get halfway through the day and feel like you have nothing more to give, it could be as simple as having a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is responsible for much of our body’s energy levels and can be boosted by eating a portion of leafy greens every day and more wholegrain foods. You could also take a soak with two to three handfuls of Epsom salts which are said to help. 

Weakness and low stamina 

Another deficiency that can leave us feeling tired and zapped of energy, is iron. Iron carries oxygen from our lungs throughout our bodies, which is pretty essential for feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Taking iron supplements is an easy way to up your intake, or incorporating more red meat and spinach into your diet. 

Finding it difficult to concentrate 

Ever sat at work, staring at the computer screen, unable to concentrate? Or had someone explain something to you and managed to retain absolutely no information whatsoever? This could be because you aren’t getting enough of certain B vitamins. People who are deficient in B1 (thiamine) often suffer with irritability, poor memory and concentration. If you have low levels of B9 (folate) you could find yourself lacking motivation and if you’re not getting enough B12 your memory could be affected. 

Alcohol is responsible for depleting B vitamins, so it could be an idea to cut down on your drinking. Another way to boost your vitamin B levels is to eat a full five portions of vegetables every day. 

Coffee isn’t working

We’re all guilty of relying on coffee to give us that extra kick to get us through the day, but there comes to a point when you feel wired but tired at the same time – which is not a good place to be. Unfortunately drinking coffee isn’t always the key to feeling alert and peppy all day, it can actually bring you down if you have too much of it. 

If this sounds all too similar to you, you might need to cut down. A good way to do this is to register that sipping on hot drinks is part of the habit, and intersperse your coffee with decaffeinated herbal teas and slowly reduce the amount you’re drinking. 

Of course, dealing with the root of the problem also means you should be getting enough, unbroken sleep and we have lots of advice on how to do that too. Check out the sleep trends of 2018 to the simple tip that could have you drifting off in no time. 

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