This innovative flat-pack house is a millennial dream come true

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Flat-pack housing might just hold the answer for young people looking to get a foot on the property ladder. 

We’ve heard every tale of woe when it comes to millennials trying to break into the housing market. From spending too much money on sandwiches (yeah, right) to relying on the bank of mum and dad, there are a million complexities that get in the way of us becoming homeowners.

But a ingenious flat-pack housing option may offer a fresh alternative to the dilemma, with prices that start from around £25,000.

Architect Renato Vidal from Italy has tapped into the burgeoning trend for micro-living – small spaces with a lot to offer – by developing a DIY house. His streamlined designs apparently take just six or seven hours to build with the help of three people.  

Would you be tempted by a flat-pack home?

The innovative M.A.Di houses can be built pretty much anywhere you like, “without the need for it to be constructed on concrete foundations”. After being made in a factory, they’re then flat-packed and transported across the world. 

The design is sleek and minimal

Not only are the houses chic, but they’re also eco-friendly; they have the capacity to be “completely off-grid with solar panels, LED lighting, and grey water systems”.

Available in a variety of sizes, the nifty flat-pack bolthouses range a 290-square-foot home with a one-stage staircase (priced around £25,000) to a 904-square-foot family home with a two-stage staircase (priced around £55,000). 

The manufacturer claims the DIY house only takes six hours to build

And the best part? If you decide to up-sticks and move elsewhere, you can take your house with you; although you will need ownership of some land to put it on (and presumably, planning permission from your local council).

Assuming you’ve got land and building rights covered, there’s just one catch. If you’re the kind of person who gets flawed by building an Ikea desk (hand in the air here) then the idea of throwing together your own home could be a little daunting.

We can only hope the houses come with a detailed instruction guide. 

For more info, head to M.A.Di Home

Images: Redd Angelo and M.A.Di Facebook


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