“26 thoughts I had while watching Fleabag episode two”

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Helen Bownass

Episode two has hit our screens, here’s exactly what we made of it. Warning, spoilers ahead…

1. He’s a Catholic priest! Interesting.

2. The priests were 1000% not that hot when I used to go to church. Is that what all priests look like now? Or just telly priests?

3. I always thought that loincloth while Jesus was on the cross was a little skimpy too.

4. “I’ve got no pockets.” That is a funny line for a priest in a robe.  

Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Andrew Scott in Fleabag

5. Yum. Cans of G&T. From M&S! They really are the best of all the gins in a tin.

6. Does the priest fancy Fleabag? I can’t tell. I’m normally good at telling that stuff.

7. “Life has changed, not ended.” That’s quite a lovely thing to say to someone who has been bereaved.

8. Of course I’m laughing at the rubbish religious jokes: “I’d spend 40 days and 40 nights in that dessert.”

9. Why is Fleabag sitting down when her café is so busy? Am a bit worried about all the people that will need serving.

10. Has Claire dyed her hair since the last episode?

11. I know you’re having an important chat, but can’t you do it when you’re not at work?

12. I love this relationship between Fleabag and her sister: “You’re better at dealing with awful things.” 

Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Olivia Colman 

13. I enjoy it when Olivia Colman says “thank you darling” in that exact tone.

14. If I had a step mum who told me “I had an orgasm as I finished it” about a painting I think I’d die.

15. “A lovely thick neck.” Excellent.

16. It’s the funny/dark Venn diagram again: “He mainly defends rapists.” “He has a high success rate then?” “Undefeated.”

17. No one eats a sandwich like that, do they? Wipe the mayonnaise from your mouth, man!

18. “I’d rather have the money.” Claire has a very understandable approach to being gifted a voucher.  

Sandra Oh and Fiona Shaw in Killing Eve 

19. YES! It’s Carolyn Martens from Killing Eve! The world has collided in the best possible way.

20. I really like her grey cashmere cardigan. And the way she’s tied her scarf…

21. “You’re just a girl with no friends and an empty heart.” That makes me feel so sad.

22. “Do you want to fuck the priest? Or fuck god?” What a dilemma!

23. “Can you just tell me what to do.” “You know! You’ve already decided what you’re going to do.” I’m with you Fleabag. Not with wanting to have sex with a priest. But sometimes I want someone to tell me what decision to make. 

Brett Gelman and Phoebe Waller-Bridge in Fleabag

24. The gross brother-in-law, whose name I refuse to learn, is such a weakie.

25. “Tell her to leave him!” Potentially murderous Jake, I’m with you.

26. Still can’t tell if the priest fancies her? Or maybe he’s just a nice caring man looking out for her?! I’m sure we’ll find out…

Fleabag is on Mondays at 10.35 on BBC One and on iPlayer.

Images: BBC One