Mentioning food on your dating profile could be affecting your love life

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Showcasing your love for certain foodstuffs can actually have an effect on whether people engage with you, according to a study. 

We all know that first impressions count – which is why creating the supposedly ‘perfect’ profile on a dating site is no easy feat.

Talking about yourself is always a minefield (think the constant struggle when trying to sound interesting, but not smug) and it can be hard work.

But the secret to success for online daters everywhere has apparently been found: mention food.

According to a study carried out by online dating site Zoosk, talking about food on your profile will result in more people wanting to match with you and thus sending you messages. By analysing the profiles of over 3.7 million users and 364 million first messages, the site discovered that food plays a big part in initial interactions – and certain types of food way more than others.

Guacamole came out on top, with users who mentioned it having 144% more incoming messages. Those who mentioned bananas had a 66% increase in inbound messages, while the figure was 62% for ice cream and 61% for fries.

The aubergine came in at 21%, but we’re saying nothing about any possible connotations that particular foodstuff has.

See the top 10 below.

Surprisingly pizza didn’t make the cut as a good culinary opener. 

1. Guacamole – 144%

2. Potatoes – 101%

3. Chocolate – 100%

4. Salad – 97%

5. Sushi – 93%

6. Avocado – 91%

7. Pasta – 75%

8. Cheese – 75%

9. Cake – 72%

10. Burger – 68%

But while discussing food has a positive effect overall, there are some foods you should swerve, according to the data. Fried chicken and yams resulted in 15% and a whopping 70% fewer messages respectively.

If you don’t want to specify your favourite food in your profile, simply mentioning its importance helps too, apparently. Profiles containing the word ‘foodie’ were found to receive 82% more incoming messages, and those with the word ‘cook’ received 26% more.

The advice doesn’t extend to conversations beyond the initial message though. Zoosk says: “Though mentioning food in your profile can lead to more incoming messages, it probably shouldn’t be the first thing you talk about with someone. For the most part, mentioning food in an initial message doesn’t result in many more replies.”

As with pretty much everything love-related, there is much that is subjective here and how seriously you take this kind of data is up to you. You might receive less messages for loving yams, but the ones you do get could be fellow yams-lovers you are way more likely to have something in common with (yams) than all the others put together.

Food for thought, indeed (sorry). 

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