Everything you need to know about tonight’s Four Weddings revival

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Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell in Four Weddings and a Funeral

From an “exceptionally famous” singer to a Tatty Devine ring, here’s what to expect from the Four Weddings sequel

It was THE hit rom com of the early 90s, and now Four Weddings and a Funeral is set to make a spectacular comeback in a one-off special tonight. 

One Red Nose Day and A Wedding will screen during tonight’s Comic Relief telethon on BBC One, and sees most of the original cast members reunite for a short sequel – 25 years after the film first aired. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the 14-minute short, created by Richard Curtis: 

Charles and Carrie are still together

 Yep, our favourite non-wedded couple made it through the years. Those immortal lines, “Is it still raining? I hadn’t noticed”, along with their soggy smooch, evidently paved the way for an enduring romance. 

In the sequel, the pair are seen attending wedding of their own daughter, in a day of high drama and emotions (we can only hope the father of the bride makes it to the church on time). 

And so are the whole gang

Hurrah, hurrah: the Four Weddings friendships have stood the test of time, too. 

Kristin Scott Thomas’ Fiona and Anna Chancellor ’s “Duckface” rally around their mates for their daughter’s big day, along with Matthew (John Hannah), Bernard (David Haig) and more, totalling 24 returning characters. 

One notable absence is the formidable Scarlett, played by actor Charlotte Coleman, who sadly died of an asthma attack in 2001.

Lily James filming the Four Weddings sequel for Comic Relief

The blushing bride? Lily James filming the Four Weddings sequel

A super-famous singer performs at the wedding

Don’t ask us who, because we honestly can’t tell you. But the man in question will accompany Nicola Walker, who reprises her role as “Annoying Girl Singing Annoying Song by Barry Manilow”.

Curtis dropped this juicy teaser: “This time she [Walker] sang with a new, exceptionally famous singer whose name I can’t reveal but has had over a billion streams on Spotify – so he really KILLED the song.”

Rowan Atkinson does the honours

Naturally. It wouldn’t be Four Weddings without a bumbling vicar in the mix, so we expect great (read: haphazard) things as Rowan Atkinson does his comeback turn as Father Gerald. 

Will 25 years in the clergy have made him a dab hand at the whole weddings shebang? Not likely, according to Curtis, who says: “I can promise you he has not improved with age”.

Will Lily James play the bride? 

She was pictured at the December filming of the sequel in a white frothy ensemble, so the odds are on that guest cast member Lily James may nab the limelight as the bridal daughter of Charles and Carrie. 

TV presenter Susanna Reid is also making a cameo, potentially as a wedding guest. And given Comic Relief’s love of a surprise, there may be a few other unexpected faces in the mix, too; including a movie star groom.

Tatty Devine recreated THAT plastic ring

The cult jewellery designers Tatty Devine created a new version of the plastic heart ring that made a priest flinch in the original Four Weddings

And rather brilliantly, it’s now on sale as a limited edition line. When you buy the ring, you also get a page of original script signed by Curtis. 

It’s been emotional

Filming took place over the course of two days, with locations including a handsome church in Hampstead. By the time the sequel wrapped, Curtis was in tears of joy – and he wasn’t the only one.

“I’ve been teary-eyed the whole day,” MacDowell tells the Radio Times.

“It’s kind of silly but when you get older and you have the opportunity to be put back into a similar situation with these people who you had such a close connection to and you had such good memories of, it’s really affecting.”

Expect laughter  – and perhaps a few tears

Remember this is Richard Curtis territory we’re in here, so we can expect his lighthearted touch with jokes aplenty; and perhaps a little poignancy, too. 

As Curtis says, this is about happiness, love and avoiding funerals – via the great, wide-reaching work that Comic Relief does. 

Tune into One Red Nose Day and a Wedding during the Comic Relief show tonight from 7pm on BBC One


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