Man recreates Chandler and Monica’s proposal so he can ask Friends fan to marry him

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Most people of a certain age have seen every single episode of Friends by this point – and probably more than once. Millennials were basically raised on a diet of oven chips, frozen pizzas, Angel Delight and the Central Perk gang. Their jokes made us smile, their lives shaped us in ways we never realised, and they set impossible goals at every turn: think #friendshipgoals, #careergoals, #ridiculousapartmenttheycouldneveractuallyaffordgoals and more.

So it makes sense that many fans hold Chandler Bing’s proposal to Monica Geller in such high esteem.

Chandler (Matthew Perry) and Monica (Couteney Cox) were the stand-out Friends couple, no matter what Ross-and-Rachel fans will tell you. They started off as pals, enjoyed a drunk one-night stand, enjoyed a period as friends-with-benefits and eventually fell in love.

Theirs was a relationship founded on mutual respect, affection and friendship. Theirs was a home filled with warmth, laughter and cleaning products.

And theirs was a proposal framed by equality (they both got down on their knees to ask for the other’s hand in marriage), tears and a f**kload of candles.

Adam Fishlock, knowing his girlfriend Claire Brierley to be a diehard fan of the show, decided that he had to recreate that iconic proposal scene for her at FriendsFest, a touring celebration of all things Friends.

“We both absolutely love Friends, and we came to the very first FriendsFest within our first month of dating,” he explained to Digital Spy.

“When I saw that FriendsFest was back for a third year, I knew that it would be the perfect place to propose to Claire as the event means so much to us both.”

After filling the replica apartment with flickering candle upon flickering candle, the stage was set for the big moment.

And, surprise surprise, she said yes.

“FriendsFest was one of our first memories together, so it was so special when I walked through the door to Monica's apartment to see it had been filled with candles, just like the Friends episode,” said Brierley.

“When Adam appeared from around the corner, went down on one knee, and proposed, I couldn't believe he had done all this for me.

“It was such a magical moment, one that we will remember forever!”

To echo the words of Mr Bing himself: ‘Could this proposal BE any more romantic?’

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