Friends fans, rejoice: 25th anniversary screenings are coming to a cinema near you

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Friends celebrated its official 25th birthday last week.

25 years after the world was introduced to best friends Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Ross, Joey and Phoebe, Friends fans will be able to partake in a special anniversary celebration of the much-loved sitcom. 

No matter how much time passes, there will never not be a place in our hearts (or never-ending Netflix queues) for Friends. Seriously, is there any greater pick-me-up than watching Phoebe’s hilarious seduction of Chandler, Ross repeatedly scream “PIVOT!” while balancing a sofa, or Chandler’s ill-fated attempt to escape his ex-girlfriend Janice which resulted in a move to Yemen?

Well, Friends fans, today is your day. Because to mark the extremely special occasion of the sitcom’s 25th anniversary, 12 episodes of Friends will be screened in US cinemas throughout the fall.

The cast of Friends in "The One With The Embryos"

That’s right: 25 years after Rachel Green did a runner from her own wedding, and we were introduced to the mad and totally lovable characters of Monica, Chandler, Ross, Joey and Phoebe, a series of “fan favourites” will be screened at more than 1,000 US cinemas on 23 September, 28 September and 2 October.

In case you’re curious about the lineup (of course you are) the anniversary celebration will include classic episodes such as The One with the Prom Video, The One with the Embryos, The One with Ross’s Wedding, The One Where Everyone Finds Out and The One Where Ross Got High. Even more excitingly, the screenings will also feature juicy behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive interviews with the cast and crew.

The cast of Friends in "The One with Chandler in a Box".

Starring Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer and Lisa Kudrow, the much-loved sitcom followed the lives of six best friends in New York as they navigated life and love throughout their 20s and 30s.

“The cultural impact that Friends continues to have, 25 years after its premiere, is astounding, a true testament to the genius of [executive producers] Marta Kauffman, David Crane, Kevin Bright and the incredibly talented cast,” said Warner Bros Television president and chief marketing officer Lisa Gregorian in a statement.

“It is so amazing to know that the series is still bringing people of all ages together. We could not be more excited to deliver these digitally remastered episodes to theatres – for the first time ever! – so that together, in a shared experience, our loyal fans can enjoy some of their favourite Friends scenes in a new way.”

Tickets for the anniversary celebration go on sale on Friday on the Fathom Events website. But if you can’t make it to a screening, there’s always Netflix.

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