Friends at 25: Google pays tribute with special 25th anniversary icons

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If you spend a good deal of your time Googling your favourite character from Friends, you’ll appreciate the news that Google have created a special range of features to coincide with the much-loved sitcom’s 25th anniversary.

The 25th anniversary of everyone’s favourite sitcom Friends is just around the corner, and if you’ve been binge-watching the adventures of best friends Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Ross, Joey and Phoebe, you’re not alone. 

Well, Friends fans, to celebrate the special occasion, Google have payed homage to the much-loved series with seven new interactive features.

The cast of Friends in "The One With The Embryos"
The premise is simple: you head to the search engine, and search the main characters. When the results load, you’ll see an icon next to the search term that perfectly represents each character. 

That’s not all: each icon is clickable and will bring a novel surprise to your screen. Think tilting screens, stray cats and soapy sponges. Trust us, you’ll definitely want to plug your headphones in too to get the full experience.

If you’ve ever belly-laughed to Ross repeatedly screaming “PIVOT!” while balancing a sofa up a stairwell, identified strongly with Joey’s passion for food, or tried in vain to emulate Rachel’s iconic haircut, then you’ll definitely appreciate these Friends-related surprises. Check them out below:

Phoebe Buffay – click the guitar icon and Phoebe will sing “Smelly Cat” while a literal smelly cat walks over your search results. 

Rachel Green – click the icon of Rachel’s hair and you’ll be taken to a Google image search of the iconic “The Rachel” choppy crop.

Joey Tribbiani – click the pizza icon and some of Joey’s favourite foods will appear on your screen while he yells, “Joey doesn’t share food!”

The cast of Friends in "The One with Chandler in a Box".

Ross Geller – click the couch icon and the page will rotate while Ross yells “PIVOT!” like in the famous episode The One with the Cop.

Chandler Bing – click the couch icon and you’ll see the adorable duo from the hilarious episode The One with a Chick and a Duck.

Monica Geller – click the soap bucket icon and a sponge will scrub Monica’s name until it sparkles.

Friends Glossary –  A bonus! If you search this phrase, you will be shown a list of the iconic phrases from the show like “moo point” and “Unagi” to “meat sweats” and “phalange.”

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