From productivity to organisation, the apps the world’s most successful people use

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When was the last time you downloaded an app and really loved it? So much, that it went straight to the first page on your smartphone? Among the millions of apps available to us, it's hard to find the ones that are going to revolutionse the way we work and live. That is why we've rounded up the best apps the world's most successful people use. From organisation to inspiration to unwinding at the end of the day, each one is used by leaders, entrepreneurs and celebrities we admire.

For organisation

Budgetting: Expensify
It's the worst part of your week - pulling together receipts and logging your expenses in a spreadsheet. Expensify saves your time and paper by capturing receipts, tracking time or mileage, business travel in two easy steps: 1) Use Expensify to take a picture of your receipt and 2) select what expense it is. The app then creates expense reports, quick and easy.

Available on: iTunes; Google Play

Contacts: World Card Mobile
This app uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to instantly transfer information from a photograph of a business card to your contacts.

Available on: iTunes; Google PlayWindows Phone

Project management: Asana
This project management tool allows users to group conversations according to tasks and goals, so everything your team is working on and talking about is in one place, instead of getting lost in the vortex of e-mail. It also has a calendar function to see upcoming meetings at a glance, including notes, attendees and dial-in information. 

Available on: iTunes, Google Play 

For jotting down ideas and working

Notebook: Evernote
This is a place for all your written work, whether it's an idea jotted down on paper, a to-do list, a web article, lengthy research or an image that inspires you, all in one app that's accessible on any device. You can easily find any entry using its search function and share them with colleagues and friends. '''The New York Times''' calls it one of their 'Top 10 Must-Have Apps’.

Available on: iTunes, Google Play, Windows Phone

Minutes: Super Notes
Log key points in meetings, conferences, interviews and debriefings with this app that allows you to make voice recordings, create notes and add photos all at once and rapidly. You can transfer your work to colleagues or to your computer using email, WiFi or Dropbox. "I use it constantly when I'm on the go, especially on flights which seems to be when I have lightbulb moments. Dirty little secret: I also like to write music so I sometimes use it to record songs that pop into my head at inopportune times," says Rebekah Iliff, Chief Strategy Officer at tech company AirPR.

Available one: iTunes

Brainstorm: Index Card
Index Card is a corkboard writing app that makes it easy to capture, organise and compile your ideas. It aims to help you become a more efficient, organized writer whether you're an author, screenwriter or academic researcher.

Available on: iTunes

For time-saving

Planner: aTimeLogger2
Spending only a few minutes a day on this app get you daily, weekly and monthly statistics of how you spend your time. Using this data you'll be able to control and optimise your day.

Available on: iTunesGoogle Play

Travel: Uber
Fast becoming the black cab alternative, a taxi hired through Uber can be with you within five minutes. You'll know exactly how much the journey will cost before it (you are required to pay by card), you can track the exact location of your cab and you are provided with the name of the driver and license plate. Currently only available in London and Manchester.

Available on: iTunesGoogle Play

Cleaning: Mop
Using your phone, book and pay for a professional, fully background-checked and insured cleaner for £10 an hour. Just enter your location, choose the time and date of your clean. 

Available on: iTunes

For working out of the office

Photocopier: Genius scan
Quickly scan your documents on the go and export them as JPEG or multi-page PDF files. It's a scanner your pocket.

Available on: iTunesGoogle Play

Communication: Flowdock
It's the Whatsapp for work. Talk to your team, upload and share files and be notified on the latest updates from your colleagues, whether you're on desktop or on the go. "We live on this all day - particularly useful given we are a team that remote works or because we don't have a formal office," says Cindy Gallop who started up advertising agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty New York in 1998 and in 2003 was named Advertising Woman of the Year. "We can work together when our CTO is in one place programming and the rest of us are scattered about. It's great for talking, sharing work in progress...being able to react and address lightning-fast in real time."

Available on: iTunesGoogle Play

Saving work: Mozy
Automatically back up pretty much anything on your phone, from files and documents to photos and music on Mozy’s secure cloud. You won’t lose a thing if your phone gets stolen or if it suddenly stops working.

Available on: iTunesGoogle Play

Editing images: Hipstamatic
Make any photograph beautiful with this photo-editing tool. Actress and lifestyle website Preserve founderBlake Lively says, "This is my most used app! It turns normal photos into art. As a foodie I cook a lot so I especially appreciate the Loftus lens. People can't believe the images are captured from an iPhone. The quality is truly superb."

Available on: iTunesWindows

For business trips and travel

Itinerary: Tripit
If you’re always travelling for work, Tripit will help you keep your journey itineraries in one spot. Simply forward your travel confirmation emails to and TripIt will automatically create a detailed planner for your trips. “Tripit alerts are awesome, usually alerting me to an issue or delay before an airline ever would,” says Steve Jillings, CEO of internet security leader TeleSign. It’s one of Forbes’ ‘30 Must-Have iPhone Apps For Frequent Flyers’.

Available at: iTunes, Android

Currency: Globe convert app
From currency to temperature to speed and weight, this app converts numbers into the form you are used to. You can save the presets you use the most and access them quickly when you need it. “I split my time between New York City and Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and the app I can’t live without when I’m traveling is Globe Convert–an easy-to-use conversion app for currency and units, such as energy, temperature, length, etc. Haiti has two currencies, the Gourde and the Haitian dollar, and converting back and forth into USD can get confusing,” says Kathryn Everett, COO of Artists for Peace and Justice.

Available on: iTunes

Map: City Maps 2Go
Perfect for a business trip abroad, City Maps 2Go doesn’t require data service or a Wi-Fi spot to use. Download the map of your destination before you leave and you’ll have it available to use anywhere, anytime.

Available on: iTunes, Google Play

Internet: Wi-Fi Finder
Locating a Wi-Fi hotspot need not be a concern when you’re on the road. Use Wi-Fi Finder to find the nearest free and pay-to-use Wi-Fi spots. You can install the offline database just in case you’re unsure about when and where you’ll have Wi-Fi during the trip.

Available on: iTunes, Google Play

For developing skills

Languages: Duolingo
Learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian for free through bite-sized lessons, including speaking, listening, translation and multiple choice challenges. The Wall Street Journal said it was "far and away the best free language-learning app".

Available on: iTunes, Google Play

Memory and speed: Luminosity
Used by over millions of professionals worldwide, Lumosity is a training program designed by neuroscientists to challenge your brain and consequently train your memory and attention span.

Available on: iTunes, Google Play

Maths and Knowledge: Khan Academy
This allows you to learn almost anything for free, from math to science to humanities. Spend an afternoon brushing up on statistics or learning about art history.

Available on: iTunes

For daily inspiration  

News: Flipboard
A popular way to catch up on the news, read stories from around the world and browse long reads according to your interests. You can add your favourite blogs and publications so you don't miss a thing.

Available on: iTunes, Google Play

Fashion: The Cut on the Runway
Browse catwalk photos from New York, London, Paris and Milan, watch videos of shows and read up-to-the-minute fashion news. Gwyneth Paltrow says, "My favourite iPad app is New York magazine's fashion app. Runway shows, videos, etc, with NY Magazine's particular take on fashion news."

Available on: iTunes

Blogs: Bloglovin'
Millions of people use Bloglovin to keep track of all their favorite blogs in one place. Tina Wells, CEO of Buzz Marketing, a firm that forecasts and advises upon teen trends, checks into the app whenever she has a spare five minutes. "You can catch up on all of the street style news you need for the day. I curated a list of bloggers I love (like Olivia Palermo and Ashley Madekwe), and all updates are sent to this handy little app. With a business that forecasts Millennial trends, this makes it easy," she added.

Available on: iTunes, Google Play, Windows Phone

Music: Shazam
Identify any song in seconds. Actress Olivia Wilde says, "My favourite app for the iPhone is Shazam, (it) is the coolest thing, it's allowed me to discover so much new music."

Available on: iTunes, Google Play

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