If you want to feel better about screwing up at work, read this thread

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Twitter users have been sharing stories of the biggest mistakes they’ve ever made at work - and let us tell you - reading this will make you feel a whole lot better about any times you’ve put your foot in it at the office. 

Making a blunder at work, especially if you’re a newbie, is most people’s worst nightmare. We’ve probably all been Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada at one point or another, feeling like we’re getting it all wrong and hoping the ground will swallow us up. 

But there’s a big difference between delivering the wrong coffee order to your boss and say, like one Twitter user admits, inaccurately publishing a list of poisonous mushrooms, labeling them as safe, in a national magazine. Yup, that one can probably go in the ‘royally effed up’ category (although thankfully, no one reported getting sick from the mix up).

Twitter user @b3ta asked followers to share “your work related f**k-ups. Reply, quote tweet, do your worst.” And boy, did the Twitter community deliver. 

Thanks to this hilarious and cringe-inducing thread, there’s plenty more where that example came from, which ought to make you feel a lot better about any mistakes you’ve made in the work place. 

From some very unfortunate auto-corrections to an incident involving a particularly ‘small’ catheter, we’ve picked out some of our favourites for when you’re in need of a five minute work break. 

Whatever you do, don’t take your eye too far off the ball though, or you could end up this thread yourself…

After several slip-ups, this Twitter user didn’t stay working in the NHS for long, and we can kind of see why…

Hats off to this Twitter user and her, erm, straight-talking approach to the primary school age children she taught as a teacher. Well, you can’t wrap them in cotton wool forever, can you?

As first days go, this Twitter user has had a shocker. 

Remember what we said about the catheter? Prepare yourself for a bout of giggles. 

We especially love this Twitter user’s ‘it wasn’t me’ disclaimer. 

This Twitter user makes a great case for the old, check, check and check again motto when it comes to sending out important, widespread emails. 

We kind of feel like this Twitter user was playing with fire on this one.

Let’s hope this Twitter user’s colleague has a sense of humour. 

We’ll be giving every email we send a quadruple check from now on…

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