17 hilarious and unique Mother's Day cards

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Megan Murray

Put the 99p supermarket special back on the shelf – your mum’s better than that. This year, get her a card that reflects the multi-faceted and fabulous woman that she is. 

We’re all about celebrating the strong female influences in our lives, and of course there’s no better time to do this than Mother’s Day. Our love for our mums, combined with our obsession with stationery, leads us on a merry jaunt every year to pin down the perfect card for the woman that gave us life. 

Although many mums have certain things in common, like teaching us right from wrong and encouraging us to do our best in school, every matriarch is much more than that; she’s unique, and deserves a card that reflects her as such. 

So, put the classic, Clintons-style sketches of flowers and kittens to the bottom of the pile, and get your mum a card that’s got a touch of personality about it. 

Whether she’s got a sense of humour darker than an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia or a love for gin that could rival her love for, well, you - we’ve got it covered with this hilarious and quirky mix. 



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