Small is beautiful: compact furniture and clever storage ideas that make the most of your living space

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Small space is the plague of urban living - we don't know anyone who revels in a giant canvas of a bedroom or throws a dinner party without having to squeeze people in shoulder-to-shoulder around the dining room table.

But there are ways of maximising the square metres you have to work with, so that you're not tripping over clothes every time you roll out of bed, or skirting round furniture just to get to the shower.

From hideaway desks to mirrors that revolve around to reveal a bathroom cabinet, there are a host of slick design features out there that promise to make the most of your living space without compromising on style.

Behold our pick of the best and most beautiful storage solutions around, to disguise your clutter and free up your living space. Bracket wall shelves have never looked so good...

  • White wall organiser

    £269, Skandium

  • Side table and shelving unit

    £280, Heal's

  • Wide ladder shelving unit

    £129, M&S

  • Solid pine wall unit

    £185, Next

  • Zinc storage box

    £17.50, Muji

  • Revolving wall mirror and cabinet

    £389, Heal's

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