Game of Thrones season 8: the definitive finale predictions and theories by three superfans

How do we solve a problem like the Mad Queen? Who is going to kill Daenerys? Why does everyone think Jaime Lannister is still alive? Is Sansa going to win the Iron Throne? Does the Iron Throne even matter? We weigh in.

Game of Thrones fans, our watch has ended.

The final episode of this epic, frustrating, wonderful, cursed show is upon us. Hardly any of your faves are left standing. And, in just 79 minutes of television, we will know everything. After Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) went full Mad Queen in episode five, will she be killed by her ex-lover Jon Snow (Kit Harington)? Will Tyrion Lannister’s (Peter Dinklage) treason be unearthed and will he wind up in chains? Did Arya (Maisie Williams) escape the ruins of King’s Landing on that white horse, or will she stick around to become the Queenslayer? And will Sansa (Sophie Turner) or maybe even Bran (Isaac Hempstead-Wright) end up on the Iron Throne? Does the Iron Throne even matter?

These last few episodes of Game of Thrones’ final season have been a disappointment to many fans, and it’s not hard to see why. The series completely failed its female characters – especially Cersei, and has a serious problem with the way it treated its only major female character of colour

But there, was some goodness to be found in the episode, particularly in Arya’s storyline. After a near lifetime of vengeance, Arya chose to abandon her kill list and not only to survive, but to live. We bet she will be one of the few characters who makes it through to the end of the series. But who else is going to die? What on earth have Bran and Sansa been up to in Winterfell this whole time? And where has Yara Greyjoy been? 

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Game of Thrones season 8 has failed all of its female characters – especially Cersei Lannister

So many questions, so little time. Oh, you might be wondering who we are, exactly. We are Stylist’s Kayleigh Dray, Kat Poole and Hannah-Rose Yee, your friendly neighbourhood Game of Thrones superfans together for the first and last time on the website. 

We are The Three-Eyed Raven. And we’re here to drop some knowledge.

Why did Daenerys burn King’s Landing? And what will happen to her in the season finale?

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones season 8 episode 5
GoT finale: what will happen to Daenerys?

HRY: Friends, Three-Eyed Ravens, countrymen: greetings. Thank you for filling in for me last week Kat, and for proving so immediately indispensable that you had to come back for this bumper article. You are the Tormund to our Night’s Watch – without you, our defenses and sanity would crumble. What did you think of last week’s episode? How do you feel about Daenerys’ descent into madness?

KFP: Speaking of Tormund, dude seemed to be just about the only one with a sensible plan during the episode five: get as far away from that shit as humanly possible. It was obvious going in that The Bells wasn’t going to have a peaceful ending (no matter how many times Tyrion told us and everyone within 15 miles of King’s Landing that if the bells rang, it meant the city had surrendered and the fighting could stop). And yeah, it was inevitable that Dany’s frame of mind was eventually going to melt away under all that dragon fire. But becoming a full-blown people-slayer when she’s just fought the army of the dead, at great personal risk, to save the people she wants to rule? This is fundamentally the biggest problem with a truncated season: we didn’t actually see how she got there.

I’d also like to mention just how much the Targaryen cohort was actually enjoying doing the killing. I’ll forgive Greyworm, I guess, because his beloved had her head chopped off, but even Drogon was licking his lips before he killed Varys. (And it goes without saying that Varys deserved a more delicious and devious death than Tyrion telling on him). My other key takeaways from this episode: I’ve finally realised that Jon is, alas, a well-meaning idiot; Davos can seemingly produce a rowing boat out of his… pocket? And there is no way in hell Cersei would make her exit crying, or indeed, try and escape through the underbelly of a collapsing building. Let alone the Red bloody Keep. Please say I’m not the only one who didn’t enjoy this episode as much as I wanted to?      

GoT finale: what will happen to Grey Worm?

HRY: *Deep sigh* – is how I felt about this episode.

KD: I’ve spoken my piece on this episode already, via a ranty little ode entitled ‘Game of Thrones failed all of its female characters – especially Cersei’. It was a terrible, terrible episode and an affront to everything the show originally set out to be. 

However, because I feel bad if I don’t say anything nice, I’ll admit that it was nice to see a battle take place in actual daylight. Nothing like being able to see all of that horror and despair without being forced to retune the settings on our televisions, eh?

HRY: Do we all agree that Daenerys must die? Is there any world in which she could be *deep sigh* “saved”?

KD: It seems highly unlikely. There was a time when I, like Tyrion, believed she would be the one to break the wheel, but she took things FAR TOO LITERALLY. All we wanted you to do, Dany, was melt down the Iron Throne and start a new democratic regime. No biggie, really – especially as she had just the dragon for the job. Instead, we got a “crazy woman” (we could tell, because her hair was messy and she had no makeup on and she was HIGHLY EMOTIONAL) burning every fucking man, woman, child, and building in King’s Landing down. Brilliant. She gotta die now, because they killed off all the best aspects of this warm, nuanced and complex character and she is literally a ghost of her former self. She may as well be a bloody White Walker at this point, Jesus.

What was Arya Stark and that white horse all about?

HRY: The highlight of the episode for me was watching Arya wrestle with the idea of turning her back on vengeance and choosing life, a choice that was given to her by The Hound. Her sweet ‘thank you’ to him, right before he went off to get his face squished like a watermelon by his brother? I’m not crying, you’re crying! 

GoT finale: What will happen to Arya Stark?

This whole season we’ve seen Arya engaging with what has, quite frankly, been the trauma of her life thus far. It’s there in the way she interacts with our collective boyfriend Gendry, in the way she behaved during the Battle of Winterfell, and it was there in this episode when she was running through the streets of King’s Landing covered in dust and rubble, trying to save the citizens from Daenerys’ attack. 

Because she is small, and because she is very much of the people, Arya has always been a good stand-in for the way war and violence impacts everyday lives. This episode was no different. I know some people think that Arya will kill Daenerys, but I’ve spent the last week yelling at them that she turned away from vengeance this episode and made the crucial decision to go towards the light. Now, my only dream for her is to sequester herself in a smith somewhere with sweaty, hunky Gendry for as long as they both shall live.

Now about that horse… We all know who it was. Shadowfaaaaax! Just joking, lads, of course that wasn’t Shadowfax – deep Lord of the Rings cut there –it was Bran, right? Warging into a horse to save Arya? Kat, you’re the Bran apologist, I’m sure you have some opinions on this.

GoT finale: what happens to the people of King’s Landing?

KFP: Honestly, I wouldn’t put it past him. The raven formerly known as Brandon Stark seems to pick and choose how and when he intervenes in the present, learns from the past, or peeps into the future. If you’re asking if I think he is capable of letting an entire city full of people get burnt to the ground but miraculously warg into a (very beautiful) horse so his big sis could get out of there quickly? Yes, I do. And if he takes the throne in the final episode, and we all throw things at our TVs, it will have been clear what side his bread was buttered.

As for Arya, I would have really loved it if that was her last shot of the show. She’s just saved humanity from actual undead, and has now had to witness close up just how much worse the living are. I would have absolutely bought it if our babe got on Shadowfax/Bran, made a cheeky stop at Winterfell to say her goodbyes (or hellos, if you know what I mean Gendry) and gone off to live a life of peace. Alas, I’ve seen the teaser for episode six and can confirm that I am wrong. Arya is very much still at Kings Landing. What say you, Kayleigh?

GoT finale: what does Arya’s white horse mean?

KD: Bran is the horse. Obviously. But it’s also worth remembering that, in A Dance with Dragons, Quaithe tells Dany: “The glass candles are burning. Soon comes the pale mare, and after her the others. Kraken and dark flame, lion and griffin, the sun’s son and the mummer’s dragon. Trust none of them. Remember the Undying. Beware the perfumed seneschal.”

Essentially, horses don’t bode well for our Mother of Dragons. Especially when you consider the fact that SO MANY FANS think this horse is a big fat reference to the Book of Revelation in the Bible:

“I looked, and there before me was a pale horse!” points out one Redditor. “Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him.

Not only that, but some fans think that Arya herself might be dead. Redditor Dominant_Genes posited that, when Daenerys went full scorched earth on King’s Landing, Arya was engulfed in flames and died. At the end, when we see Arya mount the horse, it’s a “dream-like scene” indicating her movement into the land of the dead. This, the redditor argues, would give Jon the impetus he needed to “kill Dany or die trying”. 

Arya, dead? I’m not so sure about that. First of all, not actually seeing Arya die onscreen would be a truly underwhelming death, even for Game of Thrones. And second of all… It’s just a bit too wacky, isn’t it? Angel of death? Big metaphor? Game of Thrones isn’t exactly known for its subtlety. (This is the show that staged the Red Wedding, after all.) We’re going to call bullshit on this one. 

But Arya does have it in her head that she’s set to kill someone with “green eyes” and, thanks to all those not-so-subtle closeups on Dany’s face, we know that TV show Dany has green eyes (Book Dany has purple eyes, because Targaryens). However, she learned a lot from The Hound and it would be pretty lame if she immediately went back on a revenge-fuelled rampage after their sweet “thank you Sandor” moment. Maybe Dany will spot our little ninja warrior / Angel of Death in the crowd just before someone else (*cough* Jon Snow *cough*) bumps her off. Or maybe Arya will play some part in someone else (*cough* STILL Jon Snow *cough*) coming to the conclusion that Dany’s gotta die. Either way, I feel her role in the Khaleesi’s death will be far less obvious than it was in the Night King’s untimely demise. Which is good, probably. We might actually get to find out Dany’s motives this way…

GoT finale: what will happen to Arya in the season finale?

HRY: I know, I know, green eyes, blah blah blah. But just to play devil’s advocate, Littlefinger also had green eyes. So technically speaking, Arya has already killed someone with green eyes on the show. Please, let Arya not get stuck into her vengeance cycle again, please, please!

KD: I just want Littlefinger to be alive, somehow. Wouldn’t it be amazing if he popped up in the finale, looking smug as ever? Now THAT’S the kind of shock twist I could get behind…

Why did Jon Snow reject Daenerys? Will Jon Snow kill Daenerys? Will he be reunited with Ghost?

KD: He rejected Dany because she’s his aunt and Starks aren’t into incest, bless ‘em. He rejected Ghost because he’s a MONSTER! Or, y’know, because show bosses decided the budget was better spent on pitch-black battle scenes than an emotional farewell between a boy and his wolf.

That’s right: the episode’s director, David Nutter, gave an interview to the Huffington Post, in which he essentially confirmed that how the goodbye scene played out was indeed driven by CGI considerations.

“Since the direwolves are kind of CG creations, we felt it best to keep it as simple as possible,” said Nutter. “And I think that it played out much more powerfully that way. Keeping Ghost off to the side, I thought that played out better,” he added.

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Guess what, Nutter? It didn’t play out better. You shattered the hearts of fans all over the world, just as easily as Arya shattered the Night King and his entire army of White Walkers. Shame on you.

Also, I could go on and on about how Jon is definitely going to kill Dany because of the Azor Ahai theory (the prophecy demands that the Prince Who Was Promised kill the one he loves), because it’s his fault she’s risen to power in Westeros, and because Ned Stark taught him a very important lesson about executions: “the man who passes the sentence has to swing the sword”.

You get me: our boy is killing Dany. But I’m going to leave it up to Hannah and Kat to explain this in further detail, because they’re both itching to get their theories out into the world, already. Isn’t that right, guys?

GoT finale: will Jon Snow kill Daenerys?

HRY: Jon’s the one. I think it’s the only way that their tragic, doomed love story can be wrapped up. And I think that the act of doing so is going to prove so damaging and traumatic to our boring, broody king in the north he’s going to bid farewell to it all and hop over the wall to be reunited with Tormund and Ghost when it’s all over. And yes, we’re finally going to get to see Jon give that good boy Ghost a pet on the head.

KFP: I feel for the poor bloke, honestly. Born a bastard with no idea of his true parentage, treated as less than his Stark siblings by everyone but them, witness to the murder of his first love, constantly thrust into a ‘leader of the people’ role he’s not equipped for, in love with a queen he thought was good but turned out to be his aunt and bad… that’s Quite A Lot for anyone to deal with. Jon has always been driven by protecting the people — it’s his most kingly quality — and I absolutely believe he will kill Daenerys to prevent any more innocents being harmed. His least kingly quality, though, is that he never sees this stuff coming. If he’d paid a bit more attention to his queen’s shifting temperament, he might have stopped this mess earlier.

He has to be the one to kill Dany (not least because we’ve repeatedly been told that people who are brought back from the dead are brought back for a reason), and it will destroy him. And if he doesn’t die in the process, the only place for him now is up, up, up as north as he can go.

Is Sansa Stark going to end up on the Iron Throne? Is she the real winner in this whole scenario?

HRY: I keep saying that the throne doesn’t matter, but I feel like the producers of Game of Thrones don’t actually agree with me. I’m going to look really stupid when this is all over and there’s still an Iron Throne and Sansa is on it, aren’t I?

I mean, she’s been schooled by the best — Cersei, Tyrion, Littlefinger and his greasy paws — so Sansa is definitely in the best position to rule. She also actively wants to be Queen and always has, unlike Jon. Plus, a straw poll among my friends reveals that they are all convinced she’s going to ‘win’ the game of thrones by the end of the finale. I still think that the throne doesn’t matter, and I still think that the end of the series will see the kingdoms scattered to the wind and the seat of power destroyed, but what do I actually even know. 

GoT finale: what will happen to Sansa Stark? 

For what it’s worth, Benioff and Weiss love Sansa. They always have. It was their decision to beef up her character and to move her from the Eyrie – where she is still stuck in the books – and send her to Winterfell and to Ramsay Bolton. They did so, they said, because “Sansa is a character we care about almost more than any other,” as Benioff told Entertainment Weekly in 2015. 

Sure, sure. One showrunner’s “care about almost more than any other” is another fan’s “spent an entire season being raped by an abusive psychopath”, but what use is there in splitting hairs at this point in the series. All I’m saying is that Benioff and Weiss have Sansa up on a pedestal. It’s not too difficult to see them putting her on a throne, too.

KFP: Look, it is very possible that we’ll end up with a ruler most fans don’t want (Bran). I, personally, think it’s more likely that the Iron Throne to GoT is what the Elder Wand is to Harry Potter and the One Ring is to Lord of the Rings. It is a symbol that no power is good when power is absolute, that power needs to be destroyed.

Still, if it is going to be one lady or lord to rule them all, Sansa is truly the only sensible choice. She’s intelligent, considerate, surrounds herself with trustworthy people and can see through the people who aren’t. The selfish girl we met when she was dreaming about marrying a king and living in a castle is now an uncompromising woman who has studied and learnt how to lead - principally to reclaim and protect the North and it’s people. My question, though, would she really want to be queen? She hates Kings Landing, she’s hated the people who have ruled there, and she has finally made it home to, and protected, Winterfell. Would she really want to leave?

Either way, she’s a badass. She’s going to be just fine.

Game of Thrones season 8: Arya, Sansa and Bran are the last Starks left

KD: Of course the throne doesn’t matter. Or rather, it shouldn’t matter to anyone who’s, y’know, actually read the books. Which is why I laid out a very beautiful theory for the show’s ending in last week’s predictions, involving the so-called “wheel” being turned sideways into a table with iron seats, ready for seven rulers – one to represent the needs of each of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.

Obviously Sansa is going to rep the North, because she’s brilliant. Not only has she learned to scheme from the very schemiest (think Littlefinger, Margaery and Cersei), but she also is a fierce spokesperson for Northern independence and she has the love of her people in her favour. Why would they pick her over Jon, you ask? Because Jon is OBVIOUSLY going to The Wall after he bumps off Dany. That guy is far too brooding for the real world of politics, and he’ll be happier up there, protecting everyone from a Night King who’s poised and ready to resurrect himself at any given moment.

Also at the table? Tyrion, if he survives. Samwell could bring the book smarts, Gendry the needs of Storm’s End, Brienne the military leadership that everyone has so desperately been craving this season. And maybe Bran will head up this little round table as the psychic King Arthur nobody asked for or wanted.

Whatever happens, you can rest assured that Sansa is going to play a very important role in events to come. You mark my words…

Will we get another Baratheon rebellion?

KD: Some 20 years ago, the death of Lyanna Stark and the atrocities of Aerys Targaryen resulted in Ned Stark and Robert Baratheon going to war. They defeated the Targaryen armies, Jaime Lannister famously stabbed Aerys in the back in a bid to put an end to his “burn them all” ravings, and Robert Baratheon took the throne. 

GoT finale: What will happen to Gendry? 

Now, following the events of ‘The Bells’, we have pretty much everything in place for a historical reenactment.

  • A “mad” Targaryen in charge: Aerys → Daenerys
  • A Stark taken prisoner → Dany accuses Sansa / Jon Snow of treason
  • The Starks and Baratheons team up to rebel: Ned + Robert → Jon/Arya + Gendry
  • A Lannister betray the ruler to deal the finishing blow: Jaime → Tyrion
  • A Baratheon ends up on the Iron Throne: Robert → Gendry (AHA!)

This works even better if we flip things so a Lannister (aka Tyrion) is accused of treason, while a Stark (step up to the plate, our King in the North) is forced to deliver that final fatal blow. Jaime was always remembered in history as being a Kingslayer, despite having the best intentions, so it would be bittersweet if the same fate were to befall our noble Jon. Also, Gendry in a crown? YES! Thoughts, fellow ravens?

KFP: Possibly because he is sweet, loving and impossibly attractive when covered in soot and sweat, Gendry hasn’t seemed to be much of a threat to anyone’s rule up to this point. But the new Lord of Storm’s End does have a claim no characters seem to be thinking about (in fairness, they’ve had a lot on their plates): he’s the now legitimate heir to Robert Baratheon, the king who kicked this whole thing off. 

As you have so eloquently pointed out, Kayleigh, history could very well repeat itself, and you know what? Gendry might actually be a pretty good ruler. Sure, I’ve only seen him forge swords and other metal implements, but he’s a decent bloke, respectful, never been afraid to fight for what’s right and – crucially – has literally no experience of ruling anyone. He would need all the help he could get and if that help comes from Sansa in the North and his surrogate dad Ser Davos as his hand (come on, wouldn’t that be great?), things might just turn out OK.

Plus, he’s fantastic boyfriend material, so would have a shot at having a happy royal marriage, too. 

Game of Thrones season 8: Gendry and Arya

HRY: I’m on the record as thinking that the throne is Not Important and that we’re all worrying about something that doesn’t really matter but I’m going to allow it. Because I would like to see Gendry in a crown. But also… *weakly* there’s just one episode left, guys. How much can they really do? 

KD: Fine, point taken. But crowns aside, the symmetry is undeniable. This would be a clever way of showing us that the wheel has not been broken. That humans continue to fall into the same tired old roles, that wars continue to be fought, that we are trapped in an endless cycle of greed and corruption. That, until we learn from our past mistakes, we will never truly be free to make better choices.

And THAT, Benioff and Weiss, is how you interpret the masterpiece that is George R R Martin’s A Game of Thrones.

And on that note… what will happen to Tyrion Lannister?

KD: Listen, my Belfast sources told me that Tyrion Lannister is getting arrested by an Unsullied soldier this season, and I believed them, and I wrote about it, and I have one episode left – so it fucking has to happen in the finale. I presume “crazy” Dany won’t be happy that he released Jaime Lannister, and that she will make a point of punishing him in a big, showy way. 

A nice trial by combat, maybe? A little tête-à-tête with a dragon? A little date with the executioner’s sword? Whatever happens, it seems safe to predict that Tyrion is going to have to admit that he was very, very wrong to pledge allegiance to the Dragon Queen, and do his best to survive yet another arrest. Will he manage it? Only the seven-faced god knows, at this point. However, he has got an ally in Sansa, and if there’s anyone I’d want on my side in this brave new Westeros, it’s our beloved Lady Stark. 

Reckon she has what it takes to save Tyrion from Dany’s fiery rage, chaps?

GoT finale: What will happen to Tyrion? 

KFP: How long has she got to get down to King’s Landing and is she on her way? I want nothing more than to see Sansa step in and save her friend from Dany’s wrath – though alas, I have my doubts. Tyrion has escaped death so, so many times over the course of GoT and his smarts (and a bit of luck) have got him this far alive, but in the penultimate episode I think we saw him willingly accept his fate when he freed Jaime and ultimately betrayed his queen. And as brilliant he is as a character, as much as I want him to make it through, he did actually cock things up a lot by failing to realise that Dany had what it took to reign by fear and destruction. For this, I don’t think he’s getting a happy ending.

So if he does die, I don’t believe it’ll be by dragonfire – though admittedly this is mainly because I can’t face another brilliant character being given a weak death scene.  

Is Jaime Lannister still alive?

KD: Despite the fact we saw an entire building land on his and Cersei’s head, a lot of people out there think Jaime – mortally wounded by a fourth wall-breaking Euron – is somehow still alive and wandering around Westeros.

Why? Because, while GoT stars have been busily paying tribute to Cersei’s Lena Headey and Euron’s Pilou Asbaek all over the bloody shop, nobody has said a single word about Jaime’s Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Gwendoline Christie, who plays Brienne of Tarth, has similarly remained silent about her on-screen lover’s demise. So what gives?

Well, the world has three theories.

  • Everybody secretly not-so-secretly hates Waldau
  • Everyone is PLAYING US FOR FOOLS
  • Jaime is alive and well, somehow
GoT finale: is Jaime alive?

I wouldn’t normally pay any heed to the third option. However, Entertainment Weekly, who make a point of splashing the first interview with every actor moments after their character’s demise, have unnervingly refused to share their chat with Waldau. In fact, they’ve teased they’ll be “holding that one for a bit…”

So what gives? Euron used his last moments to break the fourth wall and tell us that he was the guy who killed Jaime Lannister. Plus, a literal building fell on Jaime’s head. He gotta be dead. He gotta be dead… right?

KFP: I don’t think any self-respecting writer would give a knobhead like Euron Greyjoy the last line of “I’m the man who killed Jaime Lannister” and let that come true. (Unless they realised everyone would think Jaime survived and wanted to make it clearer for us dummies watching it on TV, hmm). Jaime making it out of the fix he was in at the end of the last episode would be nothing short of miraculous, but I could absolutely get on board with it - especially if he gets to see Brienne again. Gwendoline Christie has spoken about how much filming her final scene upset her: what if it’s an emotionally charged reunion with the man she loved and is about to lose (again) thanks to his (obviously fatal) wounds and perhaps a head injury or six?

GoT finale: did Jaime survive episode five?

KD: I could get on board with this, if it weren’t for the fact that Jaime doesn’t deserve any more of Brienne’s tears. She deserves closure, though, so I hope she gets it.

HRY: Brienne definitely deserves closure but I mean… This would be truly wild, even by GoT standards. And though people haven’t necessarily been sharing Jaime tributes, Lena Headey did have this to say about the scene: “The more we talked about it, the more it seemed like the perfect end for her. They came into the world together and now they leave together.” (Emphasis this writer’s infuriated own.) I think Jaime is dead, folks.

 What about Bran, Davos, Yara Greyjoy and everyone else? What is going to happen to all these remaining GoT characters?

HRY: Now that my sweet Ser Jorah – knight of the Andals, knight of my heart – is dead, there’s only one character that I care about on this show and that is Davos Seaworth. He stirred that soup tureen earlier this season and he stirred something deep in my soul. Though it is truly wild that he has survived not only the Battle of Winterfell but the King’s Landing massacre, he has survived, and with just one episode left I think his chances are good.

Even if he did help Tyrion smuggle Jaime out of Dragonstone and if Daenerys ever finds that out, he’s in trouble, I think my man’s gonna make it. I can feel it in my bones. Maybe after this is all over he’ll go back to wherever that wife of his has been living these past six seasons and apologise for being such a bad husband. 

GoT finale: what will happen to Davos Seaworth and Jon Snow?

A couple of other loose ends I hope that the finale ties up as neatly as it can: where is Yara Greyjoy? Has she just been chilling in the Iron Islands this whole time, sensibly staying out of all this trouble?

What about Edmure Tully? Who is ruling in the Riverlands? Where the hell is Bronn? What’s he going to do when he finds out two Lannisters are no longer around to pay their debts? Will we be finally be able to rest once this whole thing is over? Or will we just scream into the void of Twitter forevermore?

KD: Imagine the irony if Tyrion survived Dany’s wrath, only to have Bronn pop up and shoot him in the face. There would be absolute outcry on Reddit, which – based on how things have played out so far this series – makes me worry that it’s actually a possibility.

With regards to the others… Edmure is meaningless to me now. He, much like Meera Reed, has been absent for far too long to return at this point in the game (although I do sometimes wonder about Meera: maybe she’ll return and bend the knee to, if he gets crowned, her one-time crush Bran, eh?). Brienne is miserable, after having her heart shattered into pieces by Jaime, but I have a feeling she may get a plummy job as Head of the King’s Guard or something when they decide who’s taking the Iron Throne. 

Davos lives, probably. Grey Worm… he has some rage to work through, so maybe he’ll go on a gap year or something, see the beautiful beaches of Naath that Missandei so wanted to show him. Arya… well, Maisie Williams said that Arya ends up “alone”, so maybe she’s going to opt for self-imposed isolation. Tormund has a wolf to cuddle and cheer up the best he can. And Samwell and Gilly are getting a happy ending with little Sam and baby Jon (far happier than all those thousands of real-life fans who named their babies Khaleesi, at least). 

GoT finale: what will happen to Gilly and baby Sam?

KFP: In my dreams, the show ends with a series of vignettes featuring everyone left alive: the Tarly family baking cakes together at the Citadel when Sam clocks off work; Tormund building an adventure theme park from the ruins of the Wall, Ghost at his side; Yara (we’re never seeing her again, are we?) ruling the Iron Islands with a firm hand and a side hustle making really nice leather goods to supplement her income.

Are there any other loose ends we’d like to see Game of Thrones tie up before our watch ends? The Prince of Dorne, for example?

KFP: In reality, I think the only way the show can wrap things up is by bringing everyone with a stake in the realm together to make a call on its future. If Varys managed to send his tiny scrolls off before being killed for treason (I lost track of both space and time in the last episode), we could be about to get an entire cast of supporting characters descending on the city of ashes. 

And the (slightly unbelievable) word is that we might also meet the new Prince of Dorne, because he has been cast. Which is both fucking mental (the characters we already know aren’t getting enough screen time!) and also annoyingly believable, because if the show finishes in a “and the whole realm agrees, the end” way, Dorne needs a rep. What do you guys think of such a late newcomer potentially joining the party?

GoT finale: who was Varys writing that letter to?

KD: Ah, the new Prince of Dorne whom literally nobody asked for – I was wondering when he might show up.

In George R R Martin’s books (which, just in case GoT showrunners Weiss and Benioff had forgotten, the TV series is based upon), there’s a prominent Dornishman in Quentyn Martell, who heads to Meereen so he can wed Daenerys. However, she’s away traveling with the Dothraki when he gets there, so he takes it upon himself to teach her trio of dragons some new tricks.

Guess what happens? Yup, self-inflicted dracarys. Classic. Presumably they wouldn’t bring in the Prince of Dorne to kill him off THAT abruptly (or would they?), so perhaps this newcomer isn’t going to be based on Quentyn at all. Maybe he’s just… some new guy, who fancies getting up in Westeros’ grill now that they’ve got a human fire-hazard on the Iron Throne. Maybe he wants to negotiate a treaty around weapons of mass destruction (aka dragons) before it’s too late. Maybe he’s just there because Weiss and Benioff thought their time would be better spent introducing new characters than showing existing characters the respect they deserve. I dunno. Whaddaya reckon, Hannah?

HRY: *Deep sigh*. That’s what I reckon.

Seems about a good a place as any to end, right? Let’s leave this, the very last of our Game of Thrones bumper predictions, theories and analysis articles, with this happy thought and even happier image: Grey Worm and Gendry, just two lads making their way in the world. (Hang this in the Louvre immediately!) This is how we want to remember these two men. And also if anyone is good with photoshop and can insert me into this picture that would be great. 

GoT: Grey Worm and Gendry in the wild

It’s been an honour to serve alongside you both in talking nonsense about this television show we all love (and sometimes hate) so much. We have truly worn no crowns and won no glory – not a single bit of glory, considering almost all of our predictions were wrong – for this night and all the nights to come.

KD: And so our watch really is ended. Roll on the new Lord of the Rings TV series, eh?

The last episode of Game of Thrones airs on Sunday night on HBO in the US and Monday morning (and again in the evening) in the UK on Sky Atlantic and Now TV. 

Images: HBO, Getty