Garden lighting ideas to make your outdoor space look magical

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These beautiful garden lighting ideas will help you make the most of your outdoor space in quarantine

While we’re in lockdown, having your own outdoor space seems to be the dream. As summer approaches, we’re experiencing some wonderfully warm days. 

Although we would have previously loved to lounge in our local parks with prosecco in hand, now some of us have even taken to sitting on our front door step just to get some sun on our skin. 

From teeny balconies to a few squares of patio, if you are lucky enough to have a patch of garden to call your own (however small it might be), we’re sure you’re keen to make the absolute most of it.

One super easy thing you can do to make your evenings more magical all comes down to creating an atmosphere – and the key to atmosphere is lighting. 

If you have a larger space, arranging clusters of floor lanterns with tall candles inside will give the corners of your garden a scene-setting glow. If you have a balcony add some fairy lights or candles is enough to make sitting outside feel special. 

Here, we’ve gathered some of the prettiest outdoor and garden lighting ideas on the internet, so you can give your summer evenings an extra something. 

  • Small lantern lighting cord

    Garden lighting

    We love HEMA for its budget-friendly homeware, just like this cute and colourful string of lanterns. 

    Shop small lantern lighting cord at HEMA, £7.50

  • Premium festoon string lights

    Garden lighting

    Festoon lights dangling overhead transform your garden and make any evening feel special. 

    These ones are designed with warm LED lights, which means they only emit an atmospheric glow.

    Shop premium festoon string lights at Dunelm, £40

  • UTAH stoneware candle

    Garden lighting

    This candle is crafted from strong stuff, which makes it a great choice for creating soft light outside. 

    Its characterful ceramic pot is made from stoneware and has been hand-finished in Thailand with yellow detailing. 

    This candle is unscented, so we recommend arranging in a cluster on an outdoors table to create atmosphere. 

    Shop UTAH candle at Habitat, £12

  • Stainless steel candle lantern

    Garden lighting

    This chic outdoors lantern has a minimalist vibe, and would look effortlessly cool next to some unfussy garden furniture. 

    This style comes in a range of heights and sizes, so you can gather them together in corners of your outdoor space to keep the alfesco fun going after dusk.

    Shop stainless steel candle lantern at Nordic House, £79.95

  • Star tealight holder

    Garden lighting

    Perfect not just for giving light, these beautiful celestial-themed tealight holders will transform your outdoor space into an enchanted wonderland.

    The stars come in small, medium or large and have a delicate handle so you can hang them up on a balcony, fence or garden wall. 

    Shop rustic standing star at Rose & Grey, from £29.95

  • Rattan lantern

    Garden lighting

    Rattan is already one of 2020’s biggest interiors trends, so it makes sense that it would work outside, too. 

    Stick with the natural theme and position this lantern next to a rattan or wicker chair. 

    Shop rattan lantern at Anthropologie, from £56

  • Starburst cluster lighting

    Garden lighting

    If lanterns, fairy lights and candles just aren’t cutting it for you, we think you need your very own starburst of light.

    This cluster looks magical, and it can be powered by mains electrics or batteries, which is handy. 

    Shop Starburst lighting at Home & Glory, from £22

  • Mini mushroom solar stakes

    Garden lighting

    How adorable are these little guys? They’re easy on your electricity bill as they’re solar powered. Plus, they’re low maintenance – just pop them in the ground and they can stay there.

    Each string has 20 mushrooms on it, each one standing at 20cm tall. Line a garden path, or stake them in some shrubbery, for an ethereal glow. 

    Shop mini mushroom solar stakes at Lights 4 Fun, £19.99

  • Tassel lanterns

    Garden lighting

    Give your garden a boho feel with these pretty outdoor lanterns. 

    This pack of three look great positioned together from the branches of a tree, and are made from fabric with a weather proof coating. Although, it’s not suggested you leave them outside in the rain. 

    Shop set of three tassel lanterns at Not on the Highstreet, £45

Main image: Lights4Fun

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