The GBBO scandal that Mary Berry never would have stood for

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Maybe it was the stunning showstoppers, maybe it was the Chocolate Mini Roll Controversy, maybe we were just really enjoying ourselves, but we were slightly surprised to admit that during the first episode of Channel 4’s The Great British Bake Off, many (whisper it) didn’t really feel the loss of former series stalwart Mary Berry.

But come GBBO week two, biscuit week, and it’s a different story. Fans were quick to point out that one divisive culinary issue would have seen a firm stance from the steely former judge – and that issue involved fondant icing.

To recap, Chris got the boot, Steven took home Star Baker for the second time, there were no Hollywood handshakes and we learnt Flo likes a cocktail and a dance to All About That Bass.

Following a difficult fortune cookie technical, the showstopper round required that the baking hopefuls produce a biscuit board game, which they duly did with varying levels of success.

As they got to grips with their creations, it emerged that some contestants were using shop-bought fondant icing, while others, like Flo, were painstakingly making it from scratch.


If you cast your minds back to 2014, you may remember that in series five Berry absolutely froze Enwezor Nzegwu to the spot via a death stare with a never-before-seen intensity when he admitted his fondant was not handmade.

So this time, many were horrified that new judge Prue Leith not only let the scandalous decoration violation pass, but actively endorsed it.

First there was outrage.

Then there was blame.

And then they invoked the Berry.

Many pointed out that in the BBC days, Bezza would never have stood for it.

Some in, ahem, stronger terms than others.

If Berry wasn’t fond of the C4 move before, we can’t imagine she’s impressed now.

Roll on bread week, say we.

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