This Gen Z Yellow playlist sums up what the colour of the summer sounds like

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Moya Lothian-McLean

From Dijon mustard to Tuscan sun, we’ve got every mood covered. 

What do colours sound like? If we’re talking yellow – and we absolutely are because this is the Yellow Takeover, what else did you expect? – then we’re pretty sure it’s a mix of Lorde, Elton John, Cardi B and some Joni Mitchell thrown in for good measure.

So we’ve made a playlist to celebrate the best and brightest songs that just so happen to put the sunniest shade front and centre.

Listen below or head to Stylist’s Spotify profile to save our selection of tunes – whether you’re in a mustard mood or bursting with song like a canary, we’ve got you covered. has had a yellow makeover on 15 August, to celebrate our Yellow Issue and pay homage to the colour of the season. Read more about the most playful shade of all here.

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Moya Lothian-McLean

Moya Lothian-McLean is Stylist’s editorial assistant where she spends her time inventing ways to shoehorn Robbie Williams into pieces. A reoffending dancefloor menace, a weekend finds her taking up too much space at disco nights around the city and subsequently recovering with dark sunglasses and late brunch the next day. 

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