Behold the world’s first non-alcoholic gin

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Gin is, without a doubt, one of the best drinks out there.

Not only is it packed full of amazing health benefits, but it’s also indicative of a strong personality – and, let’s face it, it tastes amazing, too.

The only problem is…

Well, it’s called Mother’s Ruin for a reason, you know.

As such, it means we’re limited to drinking our favourite boozy drink in the evenings – and, if we’re completely honest, weekend evenings at that.

Nobody wants a gin headache when they wake up in the morning for work, after all.

However that’s all about to change, thanks to the world’s first non-alcoholic gin.


Which means that, yes, we can finally have G&T for breakfast without a side-dish of alcoholic side-effects.

Seedlip, as it has been lovingly dubbed by its London-based creator, Ben Branson, is as crystal clear as your favourite gin.

And, just like the alcoholic drink, it’s also distilled in a copper pot with different botanicals including lemon peel, cardamom and cascarilla tree bark.

Better still, Branson’s creation isn’t just non-alcoholic – it’s completely free of sugar, sweeteners, and artificial flavourings too.

After finding a copy of The Art of Distillation a few years back, he headed out into the world to harvest ingredients from Mother Nature himself.

Once done, he took them to his special kitchen in the woods, where he began experimenting in earnest.

After trying out a lot of different combinations, Branson’s finally perfected his recipe.

It steers clear of all things fruity and sweet, favouring instead the complex and adult flavours of natural barks, citrus peels, and spices.

The result?

A “sophisticated profile with strong clove and citrus top notes”

Speaking about his invention, he described it as “a really grown-up non-alcoholic option for all the times when you are not drinking, whether it’s because you aren’t driving, are pregnant or on medication or because it’s a Monday evening”

He told Drink Up: “For me it’s about trying to solve the problem of what you drink when you’re not drinking – especially as the industry moves towards spending more but drinking less.

“It shouldn’t be a flavour compromise. How can bartenders produce something decent when all they have to play around with are fruit juices and syrups?”


Seedlip was initially sold exclusively in Selfridges, but now it’s being mass marketed across the country – and it’s even being served in a number of restaurants and cocktail bars, including the full plethora of Gordon Ramsay’s businesses.

However, if you’d prefer to whip up a booze-free gin cocktail or G&T in the comfort of your own home, you should head to Simply Wines Direct, where it’s available for £22.99 (plus p+p).

You can find a full range of stockists here.


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