Global survey reveals the happiest places in the world

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The most and least happiest countries in the world have been revealed in an end of year international survey.

The poll of over 64,000 people in 65 countries found Fiji to be the most positive place on the planet, with 93% of respondents saying they were happy.

The country which is made up of 332 islands (with only 110 inhabited) boasts a tropical climate with temperatures that scarcely drop below 21°C, low cost of living and a resurgence of employment opportunities since democratic elections in 2014.

The happiest country in Europe was Finland where 80% voted they were content. The Nordic country is one of the world’s most egalitarian nations as far as women are concerned, where 40% of top positions in national government are occupied by women (compared with only 23% in the United Kingdom).

In Britain, just 49% of those polled said they were happy, which echoed a general trend of pessimism in Western Europe, found to be the least happiest region in the world. 

In contrast, Africa was the happiest continent in 2014, with 83% of people saying they were happy or very happy and three-quarters saying they were confident 2015 would be a better year.

Iraq was found to be the least happiest country (31%), having faced a year of declining stability and security as sectarian tensions continued. 

The survey by world market research and polling organisation WiN/Gallup found happiness is generally on the rise globally where 70% of respondents were happier with their life, up from 60% last year.

Meanwhile, 53% of those surveyed across the globe thought 2015 would be better than 2014.

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