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The dedication required to get to the Olympics is phenomenal. The dedication required to win a gold medal is something else entirely. Joanna Rowsell Shand, 28, has won two (at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics), not to mention her five World Championship titles and the various other accolades that make her not only a remarkable sportswoman, but – when it comes to motivation and determination – someone who we can all learn a thing or two from. As part of our Envy Sessions with Nissan Juke Envy, Stylist talks to Joanna about the words of wisdom that saw her reach the pinnacle of sporting success.

Accept life isn’t fair

“When I first came into the world of sport, I often complained things weren’t fair. There’d be a big race, everything was going really well, then I’d come down with a cold. I’d say, ‘It’s not fair. Why do I always get ill?’ But that’s just life. Accept the hand you’ve been dealt and move on.”

What I want now vs what I want most

“This is about motivation. What I might want now is a whole packet of Hobnobs. But what I want most is to win the Olympics in five months’ time. As a cyclist, before every decision, I used to say, ‘Will it make me faster?’ That kept me focused.”

Forget what you can’t control

“On race day, I used to worry about how fast the other team might race, but I came to realise I can’t control that. I should just worry about my own performance. It’s about you doing your best.”

Balance is key

“As an athlete, I always struggled to switch off in the evenings. That’s not useful. It’s far better to get the work done, then relax. When I was cycling I used to say: ‘Happy head, fast legs.’ If I was happy, I was faster. If you get that balance, every aspect of your life will perform better.”

Embrace envy

“Feeling envy is quite natural, but I’ve always tried to use it to spur me on to achieve goals. If I see someone has got something that I want, I can then focus on that goal, work back from it and get it for myself.”

Touch and go

The Nissan Juke Envy’s i-key means that rummaging in your bag is over

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Enter the Nissan Juke Envy’s i-key, that unlocks the door nearest to you using proximity sensors and a push of a button on the door handle. Safe, convenient and a darn sight better than exposing your handbag’s inner workings to the world.

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There are few better ways of getting from A to B.

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