The Good News Report: The little girl on a mission to build a wall of kindness, and other uplifting stories that went viral this week

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The Good News Report: Positive stories to inspire and make you smile

Dropping every Sunday, The Good News Report brings you nothing but positive news about wonderful people, to uplift and inspire you. 

At first glance, it’s hard to imagine anything went right in the world this week.

After all, with world leaders fighting over how hot their wives are instead of working to try and stop the devastating fires currently ravaging the Amazon rainforest, it’s pretty difficult to focus on anything else.

Luckily for you, we’ve got the perfect remedy to all the negativity going on in the world at the moment: some actual, real good news. That’s what The Good News Report is here for – it’s your weekly round-up of the happiest and most inspiring stories from across the internet, to remind you that things do go right in the world - and help you feel positive going in to a new week.

An eight-year-old went viral for launching her campaign to build a “kindness wall”

Áine Peterson had already attracted media attention for launching her “Kindness Klub” to encourage children at her school to be more kind, but now she’s stepped that attention up a level.

The eight-year-old from Colorado has gone viral after she started a Go Fund Me campaign to build the “Together in Kindness” wall and raise money to help immigrants at the US border who are being held in detention centres.

“My name is Áine and I’m the Kind Krusader,” the page reads. “I am eight years old and I want to build a Wall of Kindness using art. I’m looking for people, including adults, kids, and babies from all around the world to donate art to be displayed on this wall. It can be any kind of art… All I ask is that the art be about kindness.”

The eight-year-old then goes on to share her thoughts on the power of kindness, something she had previously described as a superpower. 

“I feel that there is not enough kindness in the world these days,” she continues. “There are too many bullies and too much hatred. I think this wall can be a symbol of happiness, love, and hope. 

“I want it to be like everyone in the world is holding hands together in kindness. I think everyone in the world can be kind and that kindness can change the world.”

The campaign has currently raised $690 of its $3000 target. 

These binmen made this two-year-old’s birthday wish come true when they stopped off at his house to celebrate

Two-year-old Harris loves the binmen that visit his house every week so much that he has his own mini high-vis vest, so he was pretty pleased when the binmen made a stop at his house on his 2nd birthday.

The toddler showed off a big grin as he sat in the driving seat of the rubbish lorry, and even got a present from the binmen themselves.

All in all, it looked like a pretty fantastic day.

This viral Twitter thread documented the landmark moment a woman helped a young boy with autism to communicate for the first time

When Rachel Romeo boarded a flight back from a conference she had attended, she didn’t think she’d be able to use her expertise to change one family’s life. 

The speech-language pathologist, whose studies in developmental neuroscience meant she was an expert in dealing with non-verbal children, found herself sat next to a man and his son who had severe nonverbal autism - and what happened next was incredible.

After the father had warned Romeo about his son’s “challenging behaviours” - he had screamed, hit Romeo and grabbed her things before the plane had taken off - she asked the man how his son preferred to communicate. When the man didn’t quite understand what she meant, she asked whether she could give it a try. 

“I asked him how his son preferred to communicate. He didn’t seem to understand. Perhaps this was a language barrier, but I think instead the child had very little experience with communication therapy,” Romeo writes. “I put away the talk I was working on and asked if I could try. He nodded.

“I tried to see if he was stimulable for a communication board. I started by pulling up some standard images for basic nouns on my computer but I could tell that screens really bothered him. So I summoned my god-awful drawing skills and tried to create a (very!) low-tech board. And by god, it clicked. I made symbols for the things he was grabbing, for his favourite stuffed penguin, and for his dad. He took to it very quickly. I introduced way more symbols that I normally would, but hey, how often do we get an 8-hour session?!”

Romeo then went on to share the news that the boy’s behaviours had reduced throughout the flight, and that he’d used the communication system to make several requests.

“The father was astounded… I gave him the paper & showed him how to use it, and he nearly cried,” Romeo adds. “This was the human desire for communication, pure and simple. To connect with another person and share a thought. Communication is a basic human right, and I was overjoyed to help someone find it. What a privilege and a gift.”

This woman got an underwear deal after her dancing at Notting Hill carnival went viral

Colette Zacca dancing at Notting Hill Carnival
Notting Hill Carnival's "Dancing Granny": "I was just loving the music and loving every minute of it."

We’ve already covered this one, but it was just too great not to include here.

Colette Zacca, who has since been nicknamed the “Dancing Granny,” went viral last weekend after she took the crowd by storm with her dance moves at Notting Hill Carnival.

After a massive social media response to videos of her performance, a representative from underwear brand Sloggi – whose products Zacca absolutely loves – got in touch to ask her to represent their new products.

It’s safe to say she was over the moon.

This Twitter thread about infertility had a hopeful ending – and the message it carries is very important

At the beginning of the week, we reported on this viral Twitter thread about infertility which was both heartbreaking but hopeful all at once.

Greg Jenner – who is a BBC writer, historian and adviser for Horrible Histories – shared the story of the IVF journey he and his wife took, which started in 2016 after two years of trying to get pregnant. He candidly wrote about their experiences and explained the realities of living after a miscarriage, failing to conceive, paying for private treatment and giving up hope – ending the story with the news that his wife had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl.

“She’s called Esmé, she has a ridiculous amount of hair, and she’s amazing,” he wrote.

The thread not only had a hopeful and amazing ending, but brought awareness to an issue which isn’t talked about enough – and that’s just as good a news story as the birth itself.

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