The Good News Report: The blind hedgehog who was reunited with his owners, and other uplifting stories that went viral this week

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Dropping every Sunday, The Good News Report brings you nothing but positive news about wonderful people, to uplift and inspire you. 

Last week we introduced you to The Good News ReportStylist’s round-up of the best feel-good and uplifting viral stories from the last seven days.

Why? Because we know too much bad news isn’t good for you – at all. While it’s important we continue to stay informed and educated about the problems and events unfolding across the world, too much negativity can make you feel like everything is going badly. 

But luckily, that’s not the case. There are good people and stories unfolding across the world at any given minute, and just because we don’t read or hear about them as much, it doesn’t mean they’re not there.

That’s what The Good News Report is here for – it’s your weekly round-up of the happiest and most inspiring stories from across the internet, to remind you that things do go right in the world - and help you feel positive going in to a new week. 

A stolen blind hedgehog was found alive and well after five days missing

Stephen the hedgehog spent five days apart from his owners, who feared the worst.

The internet loves a good animal story, but this heart-warming tale of survival and reunion tugged at everyone’s heart strings.

Stephen the hedgehog, who is blind, went missing from his home in Appleby near Leeds after the van he was inside was stolen. Frank Tett, who took Stephen in after he was sprayed by chemicals and went blind, had left him in the van for a split second as he loaded stock for his market stall in the morning – but when he came back, the van was gone.

Left inside a cat carrier in the back of the van, Frank and his wife Veronica feared Stephen would only last four or five days without food and water.

But just when all hope was lost, Stephen was found. A couple who had been walking their dog in the area spotted the cat carrier – and Stephen was still inside.

“I just can’t believe it. Miracles really do happen,” Tett told the BBC. “As soon as he heard my voice he came straight to the front of the carrier box and put his nose in the air.” 

A Twitter user shared how Dungeons & Dragons had left a lasting impact on their relationship with their Grandma, and it was adorable 

Twitter user @AntnHz (Antoine) took to the platform this week to honour their grandmother on the day of her funeral, by sharing the story of how much she loved Dungeons & Dragons. 

At 75, Antoine’s grandmother was first introduced to the game – and absolutely loved it. The character she created, Terminatur, was the product of much research, thought and creativity, and even when she was fighting pancreatic cancer, she continued to play and update her drawing of the beloved character.

After she was hospitalised in the final stages of her cancer, she was unable to keep playing, but one of the last things she said to Antoine was to keep playing Dungeons & Dragons. Sharing the picture of their grandmother’s character on Twitter, Antoine shared how Terminatur will always be a part of their games – and the internet was quick to share their drawings and reimaginings of the character, in memory of Antoine’s grandmother. 

Liz Needham adopted her friend’s 12-year-old son when she passed away – and now he’s the first member of his birth family to graduate from university

Like any proud parent, Liz Needham was quick to take to social media to share the news of her adopted son’s graduation – but there was a detail about this story which made it much more powerful.

When Liz Needham’s best friend passed away in 2009, she left behind a 12-year-old son, and Needham adopted him in her best friend’s absence. It was his news she took to Twitter to share. 

“Today we found out [her son] has graduated university with a BSc(Hons),” she wrote.” He’s the first person from his birth family to go to uni. I am so proud of him!”

Attached to the tweet were pictures of what Needham calls her “blended family” all sat at the table together – including her daughter, her adopted son’s uncle, her granddaughter and her adopted son’s older brother.

This woman’s story of comforting a crying stranger proves the power of kindness

Instead of staying quiet when a woman entered the toilets and sat crying in the cubicle next to her, Agnes (@agnesfrim) chose to speak up.

“Last night I was in a loo and a woman entered the other stall crying,” she shared on Twitter. “I did the awkward shout over and asked if she was ok or wanted to talk about it, or needed a hug.”

It turned out a hug was just what the woman needed – her mum had died, and she was crying because she missed her greatly.

Agnes even took the time to read her a poem, aptly named ‘To The Woman Crying Uncontrollably in the Next Stall,’ as the lady went to the toilet, so she wouldn’t feel alone in the quiet. The lady asked for Agnes’ number, and they went their separate ways.

The next day, Agnes was reminded of what she had done when she got a text from the woman in question, with a very simple but powerful message. 

“I will never ever forget your voice through the closed door,” it read. “Thank you Agnes.”

New Zealand’s speaker took on babysitting duties during a parliament debate

We’ve already covered this one, but if you missed the cutest pictures ever, here you go. 

Speaker Trevor Mallard attracted international attention when he was photographed cradling and feeding Tāmati Coffey’s newborn during a debate in parliament – Coffey had recently returned from paternity leave.

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