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Googlebox: 22 relatable lockdown moments from last night’s episode

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Gogglebox is one of the best TV shows getting us through lockdown. Here are 22 relatable things that happened in this week’s episode.

Gogglebox has helped millions of us navigate the time of coronavirus of since the pandemic broke out. There’s something comforting about seeing familiar faces going through the same highs and lows. It makes us laugh, cry and feel like we’ve just caught up with a group of mates.

Here are 22 seriously relatable lockdown moments that happened during this week’s episode. 

1. Ellie and Izzy asking: “What are we going to do when we have to go back to work?”

2. Lee not knowing what day it is.

3. Julie realising she’d ordered a jumper that’s the size of a tent.

4. Jenny getting claustrophobic while isolating with Lee.

5. The amount of cake everyone is eating.

6. Giles and Mary finally learning their neighbours’ names thanks to #ClapForCarers.

7. And sharing their techniques for how to bang a pot.

8. And just breaking down in fits of laughter over nothing.

9. Jenny and Lee making a game out of a penny and a plastic funnel.

10. The shock reaction to Boris Johnson’s white and pale appearance after coronavirus.

Gogglebox stars Amira and Iqra
Gogglebox stars Amira and Iqra.

11. Giles asking: “Has the NHS replaced religion?”

12. Jenny wiping away a tear while thanking the NHS.

13. Sophie saying the prime minister should thank the NHS by actually paying them properly.

14. Julie keeping her letter from Number 10 because she’s never had a letter from Downing Street before.

15. Ellie and Izzy making masks out of sanitary towels (stick one wing on your nose and the other under your chin, apparently).

16. Amira and Iqra playing a game with a penny and a cup (is this a new thing?!)

17. The collective gasp during the final episode of The Nest.

18. Jenny crying at every TV show.

19. Louis asking: “Why does Donald Trump care more about the fact he’s right rather than the fact that people are dying?”

20. Everybody championing the female journalist who interrupted Trump during the press conference.

21. The reaction to Michael Sheen’s scarily convincing impression of Chris Tarrant on Quiz.

22. In fact, every reaction to everything that happened on Quiz.

Gogglebox is on Channel 4 every Friday night at 9pm, and we’ll be tuning in every week for a reassuring watch.

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