This grandad just won the internet with his adorable emoji cheat sheet

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Emojis are a second language for most of us, and a fun way of communicating things that we can’t quite put into words (eye-roll emoji, we’re looking at you).

In fact, we use emojis so often that language experts believe we might now be bilingual, with our love of the little characters breeding a World Emoji Day and even an Emoji Movie.

But not everyone is quite up to speed with the nuances of the dancing lady or the aubergine, as one Reddit user demonstrated when he uploaded a photo of his grandad’s emoji cheatsheet.

Writing that his grandad “plays online poker with older women all over the world”, he explained that the 78-year-old likes to use emoticons in his chat and had created the cheatsheet to help him remember the keyboard shortcuts for each of the images.

The adorable list includes basic emoticons such as a happy face and a sad face, alongside slightly more advanced options including a crying face and an emoticon with its tongue sticking out.

The grandson explained that his grandad keeps the list taped to the side of his computer to help him easily find the emoticon shortcuts he needs while, we can only presume, chatting away online with the “older women”.

Unsurprisingly, the sweet photo of the list went viral online, garnering over 50,000 views so far and hundreds of comments.

“Your grandpa’s got game,” wrote one approving user.

CommentSo my 78 year old grandfather plays online poker with older women all over the world and I just saw this taped to his desk, next to his computer. How cute is he?

And we’re not going to lie – while we’re almost up to speed with the locations of all the emojis that live on our phone keyboards, we would have appreciated borrowing this list back in our MSN messenger days…

Images: Reddit


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