Celebrity Bake Off, episode 4: “29 thoughts I had while watching tonight’s drama in the tent”

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Great Celebrity Bake Off: Alison Hammond

What happened in the latest dramatic episode of this year’s Great British Celebrity Bake Off? Let’s take a look…

Who made six loaves of banana bread over the weekend? C’mon, let’s be honest. Quarantine has led to many of us becoming reacquainted with that dusty mixing bowl and misplaced spatula. That’s why The Great British Celebrity Bake Off, in aid of Stand Up To Cancer, is the most perfect thing to watch right now.

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We’ve already seen one of our favourite documentary makers, Louis Theroux, battle it out in the tent (only to lose). Scarlett Moffatt had us in stitches of laughter. And Queer Eye’s Tan France even joked about replacing Paul Hollywood during his turn in the competition last week.

So we knew episode four, which aired on Tuesday 31 March, wouldn’t disappoint us. Here are 29 thoughts I had while watching Joe Sugg, Alison Hammond, James Blunt and Alex Jones take part in the greatest baking competition of all time. 

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1. YES – my favourite Noel Fielding jumper.

2. Wait, next week must be Sandy’s last episode. Nooo.

3. Alison Hammon! This is going to be great.

4. And Twitter legend James Blunt. We are not worthy.

5. Tuna-flavoured banana bread, Alex? Yum…

6. OK, I need James to win this


8. Well that was weird. But the show must go on.

9. I knew Alison would bring it to the tent.

10. Please be careful with that damn peeler, Joe.

11. Guys. I don’t think Joe is OK?

12. Alison calling herself “boring” before “losing” her oven door is just iconic.

13. Officially obsessed with James Blunt at this point to be honest.

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14. I’m regretting not stockpiling cakes.

15. A Hollywood handshake?! What a turnaround for Joe.

16. Yes, Prue did just ask for “12 perfectly filled holes”.

17. You heard it: Paul Hollywood is sick of cake.

18. Oh god, it’s gone even more innuendo mad than usual.

19. Veggies, avert your eyes.

GBBO: Joe Sugg fainted in the tent.
GBBO: Joe Sugg fainted in the tent.

20. Yikes, Aunt Bessie really does make Yorkshire puddings look a lot easier to bake than this sorry lot.

21. Yes, Alison! Superb puds.

22. Rebecca’s brave story is a reminder of the reason we’re watching: Stand Up To Cancer.

23. Wait, James owns a pub? *Google searches*

24. Oh, Alex. ANOTHER medical emergency. This is high drama, folks.

25. Did Prue just call out Alex’s bad grouting? Ouch.

26. And why didn’t I stockpile biscuits?

27. James’ gingerbread pub is making me miss my local.

28. Oh Alison, 10/10 for effort love.

29. We have a well deserved winner! Well done, Joe. I hope it was worth nearly losing a finger over.

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