Great British Bake Off recap

Great British Bake Off: “23 thoughts I had while watching the soothing show we all need right now”

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Here’s everything that happened in episode two of The Great Celebrity Bake Off Stand Up To Cancer series. Warning: there are plenty of spoilers ahead. 

A lot has happened in the world since last week’s first episode of the new Great Celebrity Bake Off  charity series. Now, more than ever, we’re all in need in a bit of soothing television. And the second episode did not disappoint. Patsy Palmer, Scarlett Moffatt, James Buckley and Richard Dreyfuss picked up their spatulas to battle it out for star baker.

Here are the 23 thoughts I had while watching the show…

1. Have we ever needed the Bake Off more than we do right now? Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding being their charming selves in the tent is exactly what the doctor ordered.

2. Scarlett’s game plan is to drown her posh Swiss roll in alcohol, and I am 100% here for it.

3. My instinct is telling me that Patsy has got this.

4. Oh, James.

5. Put down the liquor, Scarlett.

6. Did James just poison Sandi? He’s clearly having a tough time, so we’ll let him off.

7. Well I could watch Noel and Richard chatting all night.

8. Wait, what? James made a… good roulade?!

9. “You need a machete to get through that…” Harsh words, Paul.

10. Maybe Richard is the dark horse here!

11. OMG, Richard was the centipede in James and The Giant Peach. Mind = blown.

12. Sandi wiping Richard’s cheek might be the cutest tent moment ever.

13. Well I can tell you that Patsy’s cannoli look better than anything stocked in my cupboards right now.

14. “Nice crack and nice flavour, there’s one for the Daily Mail…” Nicely played, Paul.

15. Oh Prue. There she goes again.

16. This is heartbreaking. You can support Stand Up To Cancer here.

17. Mmm, Malteser poos. James really is baking a treat.

18. Sitting on a couch that’s on a beach sounds ideal right now.

19. I love how much Noel clearly loves Richard.

20. Prosescco and a kebab. How did Scarlett read my dreams?

21. Not gonna lie: I am shocked at Prue saying “cow pat”. 

22. “Richard the Turd” (LOL). 

23. We have a star baker. Well done, James. Although I reckon Patsy is actually fuming.

You can find out how to support Stand Up To Cancer here.

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