Great news: drinking with your partner could be good for your relationship

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Call up your partner and crack open a celebratory bottle of vino: science has finally confirmed that couples who drink together might just stay together, too.

In what can only be considered brilliant news for fans of gin, wine, prosecco, beer and any other form of alcohol, a new study has suggested that drinking with your partner could actually make you happier than drinking separately.

Confirmed: drinking with your partner makes you happy

Confirmed: drinking with your partner makes you happy

The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan, quizzed more than 2,700 married couples about the impact of alcohol on their relationship.

Couples were asked to answer questions about the amount that they drank with their partner and how often they drank together, as well as how irritating, demanding or critical they felt their partner was.

The study concluded that couples who drank together were happier than those who drank separately or at different times to one another, with couples experiencing issues in their relationship if one of them drank while the other didn't. 

Researchers concluded that, "concordant drinking couples reported decreased negative marital quality over time", with alcohol being reported as having "powerful effects on marital quality" for younger couples.

It's time

There's only one thing for it.

May we suggest a DIY gin cocktail or bottle of the world's finest red?

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