Are you guilty of this sloppy office habit?

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It may seem innocuous but a new study finds most of us disapprove of a common workplace biscuit habit - step away from those Bourbons now…

When it comes to etiquette for office food, there are several unwritten rules one must adhere to in pursuit of a peaceful life.

“Never microwave cod fillets in your lunch break” is an obvious edict.

“Don’t leave your gross dirty Tupperware in the sink” is another no-brainer.

But as we move over to the murky world of hot drinks, the rules are altogether less clear. 

You can slurp your coffee in a casual brainstorm setting, for example, but would it be acceptable in a one-to-one?

When you get yourself a cuppa, do you have to ask everyone else in earshot vicinity or is it OK to slope off alone?

Hot drinks: a minefield of etiquette

One area we always felt fairly safe on is the whole dunk-a-biscuit-in-your-tea thing. 

It is, after all, a time-honoured office habit - arguably even a way of life.

But according to a new poll, having a quick dunk in an office setting is just not done anymore.

In a survey by biscuit brand McVitie’s, one in five Brits say they’d disapprove of a co-worker drinking ‘n’ dunking, particularly in the context of a business meeting.

This despite the fact that 71 per cent of people admit to being “dunkers” themselves. 

Are you an office dunker?

The survey also reveals another no-no of the biscuit world at work. 

Leaving crumbs on the side is a surefire way to get peoples’ backs up, apparently. 

While eating someone else’s precious stash of digestives is frowned upon, a telling 38% find the crumb trail more offensive

So, the next time you break into a packet of Jaffa Cakes at your desk, proceed with caution.

It really is a minefield out there…

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