Halloween: the most searched costumes on Pinterest for 2019

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Pinterest has revealed the most popular 2019 Halloween costumes for women to give you some inspiration when creating your outfit this autumn

Even those who consider themselves staunch Halloween enthusiasts can sometimes use a little help thinking up a weirdly wonderful costume for 31 October. 

Whether you fancy pulling something truly terrifying out of the Jack-o-lantern or you prefer to honour your favourite Tim Burton films or feminist heroes, there’s one place you’re bound to turn to for inspiration, and that is of course Pinterest. 

The image sharing platform is home to hundreds of thousands of Halloween costume ideas, ranging from whatever the most popular TV shows and films have been that year to old faithfuls (think spooky mermaids or creepy clowns). 

So, considering they’re a trend leader in all things Halloween, we were excited to see the 2019 Pinterest report which details the most-searched costume ideas of 2019.

Below you’ll find the most popular Halloween costumes by those identifying as female and hopefully it will give you some serious inspiration to create your own. 

1. The Powerpuff Girls 

Top of the list for Pinterest’s most searched Halloween 2019 costumes are super-powered sisters Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. Feminist credentials aside, though, we love that this costume demands that you rope in your best friends and create your Halloween costume as a group. It shouldn’t be too hard either, all you need is a blue, pink or green dress and some kitsch hair accessories (which are very on-trend right now).

The examples below show how you can go all out with Mary Jane shoes and white tights or keep it relaxed with trainers. After all, you’ll be spending all night fighting bad guys so it’s best you can run and jump about with ease.

2. Pirate 

We’re not sure why pirates are so in this year, but all of the pins that we’ve seen feel very Pirates of the Caribbean in style. Think dark, moody make-up (a huge factor in nailing this outfit), swathes of material in purples and burgundy and lots of gold jewellery.

Some Pinners have been drawing inspiration from a fortune teller aesthetic, again piling on chains, hair and face jewellery and adding body gems, too.  

3. Circus

There’s something a little bit spooky about the idea of an old fashioned circus and this seems to be the angle lots of fancy dress enthusiasts are going for this Halloween. 

Give the creepy clown trope a vintage make-over for a look that feels creative and unique but will still give your friends a fright. We also like the idea of opting for a fortune teller, ringmaster or lion to stray from the norm.

4. Stranger Things 

It’s no surprise that Stranger Things continues to serve as Halloween costume inspiration, especially as the third season of the cult show landed on Netflix earlier this year.

Take your pick of characters, from season one Eleven in her Peter Pan-collared, pink dress to simply donning a retro-style outfit and stringing some muti-coloured light bulbs around your neck as Joyce. 

5. Alien 

For those who go wild for Halloween make-up and consider their face painting skills on artist level, an alien-inspired look could be the winner. 

This is really a chance for your imagination to run wild. Try streaking your hair purple, decorating it with stars and tying it up into buns. Or don a prop, like a bright pink gun fit for an intergalactic warrior. Personally we’re thinking of giving green face paint a go like entrepreneur and film maker Ash below. 

6. Mermaid 

Ah, our old faithful. Mermaid fancy dress outfits will never get old. In fact, no matter how old we get, we still can’t seem to grow out of them. As Little Mix’s Perrie showed last year, the best way to carry off this idea is to give your mermaid a dark twist. 

This means layering shades of deep green mixed with charcoal black on the eyes, adorning your face and hair line with gems and glitter and using real shells to craft yourself a crown. 

7. Harley Quinn

Next February will see the release of the Harley Quinn spin-off film, Birds of Prey. Thanks to the buzz around the film, Harley Quinn’s iconic outfit in Suicide Squad has had a resurgence, with plenty of Halloween fans searching for ideas on how to recreate her red and blue look. 

We love how one Pinterest user below styled her version of the outfit with black jeans (potentially more sensible than hot pants in October), while another went old school with a joker-esque jumpsuit and Converse. 

8. 80s

It may sound a little vague for an entire era to be a most searched Halloween costume, but we think it’s rather exciting how endless the possibilities feel when using this decade as a jumping off point for inspiration. 

With so many iconic films to come out of the 80s you could take on the persona of Baby from Dirty Dancing for the night, needing nothing but some denim shorts, a vest top and a melon. Or why not dig out your scrunchies and grab your best friends to become The Heathers, who are definitely scary enough to make an appearance on Halloween. 

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