Unfulfilled but don't know why? These easy-to-fix factors may prevent you from feeling truly content

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Anna Brech
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Ever had a niggling feeling that things aren’t quite going your way in life?

Unhappiness is probably too strong a word for it, but it’s more a sense of frustration or unease.

Perhaps you’re stuck in a bit of a rut or keep coming up against the same obstacles.

Now a self-help author with an interest in cognitive psychology has revealed key ways of thinking and behaviours that may explain why you’re still – well, not totally happy.

Sam McRoberts, who wrote Screw the Zoo and is CEO of VUDU Marketing, dissects the attitudes that may be holding us back from true fulfilment in an article for

We’ve listed a few of our favourites, below.

Not feeling grateful

“A great deal of unhappiness stems from comparing your life to others, which can quickly make you feel inferior. One of the best ways to combat this feeling is to make a list of everything you have that you should be grateful for.” 

Not having enough to look forward to

“Positive anticipation is one of the most powerful tools you can leverage towards happiness. When you have something awesome to look forward to, it changes your focus and buoys you up with excitement.”

In other words, get planning that holiday, pronto.. 

Not spending enough time outdoors

“If you’re feeling down and haven’t spent much time outdoors lately, go find a nice park or wooded area, and just relax for an hour or two, and see how you feel.”

Not feeling in control

“Being in control, or at least feeling in control, of your life is a key component of happiness…  Find and acknowledge the things you actually do control and identify things you don’t yet control but that you could with some effort. You’ll find that far more is within your power than you might initially have thought.”

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