Instagram has fallen in love with heart-shaped succulents

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Helen Booth
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In case you haven't noticed, houseplants are on the up. 

First came the Instagram hashtags (#urbanjungle, #jungalow and #plantgang to name just a few), then came the trend pieces and discussions about why millennials in particular are longing to fill their homes with greenery.

Perhaps because they lead “hectic, frequently urban, lives”, or even, some have depressingly suggested, because they can't afford kids and are looking for something to nurture. Perhaps they – shock horror – think they just look nice.

Regardless of the reasons, succulents, cacti and leafy greens are the most coveted of all – previous big hitters on Instagram included the fiddle-leaf fig, the pilea peperomioides and the monstera deliciosa (AKA the Swiss cheese plant) – and now there’s another must-have to add to your collection.

The latest snap-worthy succulent to capture Instagram's collective heart is the adorable little hoya kerrii – AKA the sweetheart plant.

Finding particular popularity because of its cute heart-shaped leaves, the hoya kerrii hails from Southeast Asia and is relatively easy to find on sale in the UK (it's often seen in local florists, and is sometimes sold in IKEA).

The best thing about this sweet succulent?

It's extremely easy to look after, since it can be placed almost anywhere in your home and requires only minimal care.

In fact, watering just once a month should your hoya kerrii alive, which makes it the perfect houseplant – even if you have a black thumb.

Image: iStock