This heartbroken woman’s letter is the most empowering thing you’ll read today

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Sarah Biddlecombe
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They say love is a battlefield – and, when you’re going into war, it’s always nice to know that others have got your back.

Which is exactly what happened for one heartbroken woman when she “busted out the tears” in her favourite coffee shop, only to be comforted by staff who offered her both a free drink and a shoulder to cry on.

The distraught woman was so moved by their actions that she even returned to give them a handwritten thank you note, which has since gone viral online for its (rather excellent) choice of words.

Starting the letter, the anonymous woman explains the cause of her heartbreak – and it’s impossible not to sympathise.

“Imagine finding out that your boyfriend has a massively pregnant wife that you knew nothing about,” she writes.

“Imagine getting zero hours of sleep because you know you have to work with him and see his stupid, cheating, lying, stupid freaking face - all day.

“You’d probably just want some coffee to get through that, right?”

The woman continues to thank the staff for listening to her “stupid problems” and reassuring her that, yes, she “sure as s**t” is “too good for f**k boys like that”.

“Now imagine going to your favourite coffee spot, ordering your favourite drink, having the team listen to your stupid problems, tell you that you’re sure as s**t too good for f**k boys like that, make sure that your drink is the best damn white coffee kicker you’ve ever had, then tell you it’s free,” she writes.

"I ugly cried the whole way to work. That was literally the most you have done for me and I am so grateful for your kindness.”

One of the coffee shop workers posted an image of the letter to Reddit, where it quickly went viral with over 40,000 views.

It has also garnered almost a thousand comments (at the time of writing), with users chipping in their thoughts on the importance of receiving kindness from strangers.

“People just need to know they are heard and they matter,” wrote one user. “Whether it's your time or your coffee, it shows they matter to someone.”

“Proof that, so often, it's the little gestures that can mean the most,” added another. “I bet you are all smiling just that little bit brighter today too!”

And to that we say: what goes around, comes around.

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