The trailer for the Heathers TV series is here, and people aren't happy

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Sonya Barber
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Heathers is back, but not how you remember it…

1988 teen flick Heathers is a cult classic, so when we first heard that the brilliant black comedy was getting a contemporary reboot, we were more than a tad concerned.

But, thankfully, it seems as if our fears were unfounded: instead of a straight-up remake, Paramount Network has used the film as the inspiration for a “pitch-black comedy anthology” instead – with each season focusing on a different heroine and a new (yet equally vicious) set of mean girls

And the first trailer for the TV series suggests it will be far more inclusive of other races and genders than the original film, too. 

Gone are the massive shoulder pads and big hair (although we do spy a scrunchie): instead, we have brightly-coloured furs, statement tees and bling-tastic jewellery. 

Perhaps the most important change of all is that, this time around, the alternative kids have taken over as the bullies.

However, it’s not all different: the trailer shows that Paramount has taken strong inspiration from the original plot in terms of sassiness, razor-sharp wit, swearing, flirting, bullying, murder, explosions, and scenes in forests. 

And eagle-eyed fans will no doubt have noticed that one of the original Heathers even makes an appearance.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour on Monday 15 January 15, The Wrap said that executive producer Jason Micallef promised the new show would have big changes.

“It’s 2018, it’s not 1988,” Micallef said. “No one’s going to want to watch a girl for 10 episodes follow a guy around, murder people and then whine about it.”

Micallef went on to explain that there would be some “very, very major character changes” for the lead character Veronica Sawyer. While he didn’t go into detail, he said the original dynamics largely remain in place: she is still the “good girl” who has to face down a vicious high school clique.

Meanwhile Brendan Scannell, who plays Heather Duke in the new series, added: “One of the things that we talk about on this show is that power corrupts. Everyone at their core is kind of an asshole and concerned with themselves.

“[In] our sort-of modern retelling we’ve got … these communities that still face discrimination,” he said. “But in our show [they] are turning that on its head and using the internet and using the power of pure self-confidence to trash everybody around them.”

The original Heathers cast

Micallef also promised the show would be “dark” and “edgy” and full of Easter Eggs, including the return original star Doherty.

But because so many of us absolutely love the original, the stakes are high for this new incarnation. 

And, inevitably, people on the internet are totally freaking out.

Sure, there are a few excited people out there…

But, generally, people on Twitter are pretty damn upset (nobody likes change, after all)…

And A LOT of them are using GIFS to express their complex emotions:

You get the picture.

If you’re in need of a dose of the classic version, re-watch the trailer now:

For those who are excited (or just curious) about the new series of Heathers, get your diaries ready: it premieres on Wednesday 7 March on Paramount Network. 

Images: Paramount Network / Rex Features