Here's how to avoid that dreaded hangover, according a doctor

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It’s happened again.

Your brain appears to be trying to expand outside of your skull, your tongue is as dry at the Sahara desert and the light has never seemed brighter. Welcome to your hangover, the recurring Groundhog Day episode that never seems to end.

Everyone has their own solution, whether it be a bacon sandwich, a dose of fresh air, a strong cuppa, or a dimly lit room and sixteen thousand candles. 

However, one junior doctor is here to provide the low-down on which hangover cures genuinely have a chance of working likely to work – and he has collated his findings in a bid to save you from wasting a day nestled under your duvet.

Could a Virgin Mary be the solution to your hangover woes?

Number one on the list is, somewhat surprisingly, a glass of Virgin Mary.

The alcohol-free cousin of the one and only Bloody Mary (think tomato juice, tabasco, lemon juice and celery salt) provides a healthy  fructose boost, which many believe can help the body process alcohol faster.

 “It also contains vitamins and minerals, which help fight inflammation and rehydrate your body and brain,” said Dr Emeka, during an interview with BBC Three.

Going vodka-free is essential, according to the doc, because hair of the dog is definitely not a hangover cure. 

“When people ask me whether continuing to drink will help their hangover, I beg them not to do it,” the doctor says. 

“You should take at least 48 hours for your body to rest before taking alcohol again.” 

For those looking to get a bit more experimental with their hangover cures, though, there’s one interesting option that might be worth a try: fancy a banana and honey sandwich, anyone?

As bananas are a source of potassium, they can help restore the electrolytes your body loses during an alcohol-fuelled night out.

This, combined with the sugary kick of the honey, will provide the energy boost you need to get off your feet.

Emeka goes on to add that those of us who prefer to nurse our hangovers with shots of tea may be on to something. However, your bog-standard PG Tips brew isn’t going to cut it: you need to turn to a mug of ginger tea, instead.

“Ginger tea is great at soothing the stomach,” says the doctor.

“It also speeds up alcohol digestion and it can even help your throbbing head.”

Well, if it’s what the doctor ordered…

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