You can now buy Hermione Granger’s actual house

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Harriet Hall
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It seems like all the Harry Potter characters are selling their houses – perhaps they are moving to Canada post-Brexit…

Last week, the Dursleys put their house on the market and now, the house where Hermione Granger grew up is also on sale – but it’s somewhat steeper (we always knew Hermione was a bit posh.)

The London house that featured in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 – and where Hermione was born - is on sale for the first time in sixty years, available to buy for the generous sum of £2.4million.

Located in the muggle town of Hampstead Garden in a quiet cul-de-sac, the house boasts 2490 sq ft over three storeys, and a large private garden. It has six bedrooms, two bathrooms, a reception room, family room, kitchen and utility room – which is plenty of space to store all those potion bottles and broomsticks.

News from the Quibbler suggests that Hermione is selling the property due to the unhappy moment of having to wipe her memories of her parents in order to protect them from Death Eaters. This is, of course, unconfirmed, though.

The news comes soon after the Dursleys left their Privet Drive abode and popped it on the market. Their house – which is available for the more reasonable price of £475,000 featured more heavily in the films, as it is where Harry lived in the cupboard under the stairs.

Interestingly, while JK Rowling was joking when she wrote about a human living in a cupboard under the stairs, lucky Londoners can now rent cupboards for just thousands of pounds a month.