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Do you fancy Ryan Gosling? ("Is the Pope Catholic?" we hear you say...) Well, the bad news is that he's still dating Eva Mendes. The good news, however, is that even if you can't have actual Ryan Gosling, you can have still have his face or name plastered all over just about anything.

We've all seen the Ryan Gosling nail art, the Ryan Gosling colouring book and the Feminist Ryan Gosling book. However, we've gone far beyond nail art and simple books and have found the very best Ryan Gosling related tat the internet has to offer.

(Warning: we cannot promise that owning any or all of these items won't make you look like a mild stalker.)

  • Ryan Gosling Running T-shirt

    "Run like Ryan Gosling is waiting for you at the finish line" says this clever running shirt! Whatever motivates you...

    £17.76, Look Human

  • Ryan Gosling Earrings

    It's Ryan's face, on your earlobes!

    £7.89, HartsandStars

  • Ryan Gosling Cupcake Toppers

    Perfect for a hen party or even just a quiet (and slightly sad) Saturday night in, these Ryan Gosling cupcake toppers will no doubt make any cake taste amazing.

    £2.49, Amazon

  • Ryan Gosling Wedding Card

    What better way to congratulate your friend on her marriage than a stark reminder that her husband is not Ryan Gosling?

    '''£2.51, HeNeko


  • Ryan Gosling Customisable Cross-Stitch Pattern

    Ideal for the crafty Ryan Gosling fan, this customisable "Hey, Girl" cross-stitch pattern can say anything you want! (Keep it clean, ladies. Keep it clean.)

    £3.95, GlitterandWit

  • 'The Notebook' Kiss Print

    Want to make yourself burst into tears every time you walk into your living room? This print from The Notebook will make you do exactly that.

    £9.87, TresChicGallery

  • "Drive" Backpack

    Is you current backpack lacking Ryan Gosling's face on it? Then this Drive inspired backpack is exactly what you need.

    £59.21, SarahLeoraa

  • Ryan Gosling Journal

    Now you can write all of your erotic fan fiction about Ryan down in one place!

    $9.95, Chronicle Books

  • (Even more) Ryan Gosling Earrings

    Sometimes Ryan's face on a pair of earrings just isn't enough. Sometimes you need a big, pink, plastic bow, too.

    £7, Kushtea

  • 'Drive' Canvas

    You don't just love Ryan for his face, you love him for his art. Show your support for his art with this spectacular, sepia Drive canvas.

    £45, Amazon

  • Ryan Gosling iPhone Case

    For some of us, our phones are the first thing we touch in the morning, and the last thing we touch at night. So shouldn't Ryan's face be on your phone?

    $35, Near Modern Disaster

  • Ryan Gosling Pillow

    Just a casual throw pillow with Ryan's face on it.

    £12.99, Amazon

  • Ryan Gosling Tea Towel

    Dry your dishes off with Ryan Gosling's face. Your plates will have never been so happy.

    £9.87, DearColleen

  • Ryan Gosling Tea Set

    You've had a long day, and this "Hey, Girl" tea set is the only thing that can make it right.

    £18.42, SquackDoodle

  • Ryan Gosling Clock

    This clock features a shirtless photo of Ryan Gosling, which makes it the BEST CLOCK EVER MADE, obviously.

    £5.99, Amazon

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