Hilarious illustrations show how to drive your partner 'crazy' in bed

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What's the one thing that drives your partner wild in bed? 

Without wanting to be accused of over sharing, we decided to do a quick poll of the team, who revealed a couple of interesting habits that illicit some serious sighs and eye rolling from their other halves. 

At the top of the list is eating toast in bed and getting crumbs everywhere, so that it feels like a bag of sand has been emptied onto the sheets. 

Other bad habits include stealing our partner's glass of water on the bedside table and drinking it all (even though we insisted we didn't need any before going to bed). 

But as it turns out this kind of bad behaviour in bed isn't just us, thankfully. A series of illustrations, created by designer Gemma Correll, shows a selection of naughty habits that women often do, which drive men crazy in bed. 

Examples include wearing sexy lingerie that has glitter on it, dimming the lights but playing Candy Crush on your phone with the sound on, and rubbing your freezing cold feet all over his body. 

Sound familiar? Take a look at the hilarious illustrations below. Tell us your annoying habit on Twitter @StylistMagazine, or in the comments below.


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