Hilarious illustrations perfectly show the struggle of our twenties is real

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Sarah Biddlecombe

It's an established fact of life that our twenties are full of potential pitfalls. As we navigate the tricky landscape of our first jobs, bad dates and flat rental nightmares, it's almost inevitable that there will be as many downs as there are ups.

And no one depicts the reality of being a twenty-something woman better than illustrator Julie Houts, whose witty sketches prove the struggle is real.

From perfectly capturing our habit of frittering away our pay cheque as soon as it lands in our bank account, to showing the differences between the Friday night of a 23-year-old (booze and dancing) and a 29-year-old (takeaway pizza and collagen face masks), Houts has an uncanny knack for hitting the nail on the head of describing our twenties.

The sketches, posted on her Instagram account, which has over 81,000 followers, reveal a little bit about all of us.

Speaking to Vogue, the New York based illustrator explained that her true-to-form sketches sprang from her genuine fascination with those around her.

"I’m just really interested in people," she said. "I like putting everything under a magnifying glass and just really trying to tease out what’s there and why they made all their decisions and how their decisions get them in front of me."

And her observations have led her to reach one conclusion: “I just think that everyone is basically an idiot. They just are," she said. “I’m a very harsh critic of people, but I’m a much harsher critic of myself. So that’s how I justify it.”

You can see more of Houts' brilliant illustrations below or find more of her work on her website, here.


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