Play as Hillary Clinton in Stylist’s first ever computer game

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Sound the time-waster klaxon! Stylist has created its very own (rather addictive) computer game, guaranteed to eat up hours of your life. But it’s time well spent,as it’s the perfect outlet for your frustration about the political news from over the pond.

You play Hillary Clinton as she attempts to become America’s first female president in Hillary’s Smash And Dash.

Starting on the campaign trail, progressing through the gardens of the White House and then finally to the Oval Office, you have to keep Hillary ahead of the grabbing orange hands of Trump, smashing glass ceilings along the way. The more you smash, the quicker you dash and the sooner you’ll become America’s next commander-in-chief.

The game is a true homage to the classic 8-bit games of the Eighties that are seeing something of a renaissance – Paul Smith has launched his dino-jumper mobile app, the Stranger Things 8-bit tribute has over half a million views on YouTube and Dara Ó Briain’s recent Go 8 Bit TV show was dedicated to celebrating retro gaming. Even designer Anya Hindmarch has got in on the trend with a new range of accessories featuring the iconic chunky graphics of the format.

In true Stylist fashion, not only is the game compelling but it’s also furiously feminist. The brain child of Stylist’s editor-in-chief Lisa Smosarski and photography director Tom Gormer, the game has been designed by Cheryl Billingham, founder of Eight Arms creative agency – stick that in your pipe, Donald.

And right now Hillary needs all the help she can get. Even a former Secretary of State is afforded such little respect that her opposition – a former reality TV game show judge – sees fit to call her “a nasty woman” in a presidential debate. So with the end in sight, it’s time to start running. Hillary, America and the world is counting on you…

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