Himalayan salt lamps, agate and crystal interior ideas to decorate your home

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Whether you’re interested in the healing power of crystals or simply enjoy the aesthetic, you’ll love our salt lamp inspired homeware edit.

If you’ve recently started learning about the benefits of salt lamps or crystals,  you might be tempted to see if introducing them to your home can positively impact your living

There are a lot of differing opinions on the myths and realities of how salt lamps or crystals can benefit your life, but one thing’s for sure, they certainly look great. 

From pastel pink stones balanced on coffee table books to shiny agate slices in varying shades as elegant decoration – the crystal trend is certainly beautiful, at the very least.

Salt lamps are said to improve air quality, boost your mood and help you sleep, but these claims are yet to scientifically proven. 

Many people just enjoy them for the warm glow they give out once lit up, though, and that’s good enough for us. 

Whether you’re a crystal enthusiast, have just started learning about it or simply enjoy the aesthetic, here’s our edit of salt lamps and crystal homeware.

  • Himalayan salt lamp

    Salt lamps and crystal homeware

    This hand crafted crystal rock salt lamp sits on a wooden base and has its own dimmer switch to create atmosphere.

    It’s 100% natural, carved from authentic pink Himalayan salt found only in Pakistan, which also means that the weight and size of the lamps will vary.

    Myga Yoga says that the lamp has purifying benefits and can help with allergies and asthma, as well as helping to stop coughs, reduce electromagnetic radiation, increase energy and enhance concentration.

    Shop Himalayan salt lamp at Myga Yoga, £34.99

  • Crystal agate coasters

    Salt lamps and crystal homeware

    These beautiful agate coasters have been sourced from volcanic areas in South America, making each slice unique. 

    They’ve been hand painted with a gilded golden, rose gold or silver edge for a finishing flair.

    Nikita by Nik says that they have centring and stabilising properties.

    Shop crystal agate coasters at Nikita by Nik, £28 pack of two

  • Happy, love, calm or strength crystal gift set

    Salt lamps and crystal homeware

    We love the mystical look of this pastel crystal set, especially when set in this gold, glass and mirror pyramid. 

    There are four options for the types of crystals inside, each set promoting either happiness, love, calm and strength. 

    Shop happy, love, calm or strength crystal gift set at XISSJEWELLERY, £32

  • Himalayan salt lamp

    Salt lamps and crystal homeware

    Urban Outfitters recommends keeping their salt lamp in your bedroom to create a relaxed vibe and calming atmosphere, thanks to the rosy glow that this lamp emits.

    Shop Himalayan salt lamp at Urban Outfitters, £25

  • Handmade birthstone crystal glass decoration

    Salt lamps and crystal homeware

    Although not actually made from crystals, these beautiful, hand-crafted decorations are created in the shape of crystals to represent different birth stones.

    They would look enchanting hanging by a window, so that the sunlight can filter through the coloured glass.

    Shop handmade birthstone crystal glass decoration at Not on the Highstreet, £35

  • Himalayan rock salt lamp

    Salt lamps and crystal homeware

    This salt light comes in pretty shades of apricot and pink with a salted surface, but as it’s a natural product, Lisa Angel warns that the size and shape will change.

    This light is said to attract humidity, remove moisture and pollutants from the air, reduce allergens, aid sleep and improve mood. 

    Shop Himalayan rock salt lamp at Lisa Angel, £26

  • Agate piece decoration

    Salt lamps and crystal homeware

    Agate is popular in both the interior design and wedding worlds at the moment, thanks to its mesmerising patterns and huge spectrum of colours.

    Get a little piece of the trend for yourself with this elegant decoration. Stand it on a shelf or dressing table for a quick interior revamp.

    Shop agate piece decoration at Shabby Store, £37

  • Agate geode stone ornament

    Salt lamps and crystal homeware

    This semi-precious geode decoration is trimmed luxuriously in 18 carat gold and created from organic Brazilian agate stone.

    It would make an eye-catching decoration or fancy paperweight to show off on your desk or on a side table.

    Shop agate geode stone ornament at Lux Deco, £180

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