Home bar accessories to have your very own cocktail hour

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Everything you need to create your own home bar in the most stylish way possible. 

Home bars have always been rather fabulous, but as we’re living in a time where it’s impossible to go out and get a drink, more of us have started equipping ourselves with everything we need to knock up a tasty cocktail at home. 

Not only does having your own well-stocked drinks trolley look great, but when we are eventually allowed to have our friends round again, you can impress them with your cocktail-making skills.

Here’s what you need to get your own home bar started, from a spirit jigger to champagne glasses, each item picked because of its aesthetic as well as its practicality. 

  • Rattan drinks trolley

    This vintage-inspired drinks trolley has been designed with a bohemian vibe in mind, and we think it would make a great feature piece.

    There are three rattan shelves for balancing cocktail equipment on, and features golden wheels.

    Shop rattan drinks trolley at Oliver Bonas, £245

  • Fiorella coupe


    Of course, there’s no use whipping up a fantastic-tasting cocktail, if you don’t have an equally fantastic glass to put it in.

    Well, this one is for the Normal People fans out there, who may remember the scene where Marianne serves champagne in her father’s old coupe glasses. This glass from Anthropologie has that same vintage-style shape, but with gold, floral detailing.

    Shop Fiorella coupe at Anthropologie, £14

  • Cane bottle opener


    When you picture a bottle opener, do you too have visions of teenage boys with a beer-friendly one on their keyring? Not exactly the sophistication we’re after, is it?

    So say hello to this utterly gorgeous bottle opener from Oliver Bonas, made from gold-hued metal with rattan finishes and a rich, green base.

    Shop cane and metal bottle opener at Oliver Bonas, £15

  • Rattan ice bucket


    Especially as we’re entering summer, a glass of refreshing rose must be kept chilled at all times, so whether you’re sitting in the garden or just at the table and want to keep a bottle close, this stylish bucket is for you. 

    We love that it adheres to one of 2020’s biggest trends, crafted from rattan but in an interesting bleached colour. Fill it with 40 ice cubes and stick a bottle of bubbly in it for up to 12 hours.

    Shop rattan ice bucket at Kalinko, £68

  • Mussel bottle stopper


    Pantone named ‘under the sea’ as one of the biggest interior trends for this year and we’ve been seeing shell-inspired home accessories everywhere at the moment, so this mussel bottle stopper feels very of the minute. 

    Shop mussel bottle stopper at Anna + Nina, £9.95

  • Mother of pearl cocktail jigger and spoon

    Any gin and tonic enthusiast worth their salt knows that getting the correct measure is everything. A lot of the spirit jiggers out there are plain in design, which is why we’re desperate to make this mother of pearl number our own. 

    It features both single and double measures and comes with a spoon to give your drink a stir.

    Shop mother of pearl cocktail jigger and spoon at Oliver Bonas, £29.50

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