There’s a pillow that plays you music while you fall asleep

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Anna Pollitt
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Toss aside your goose feather and memory foam - the humble pillow has been given an "intelligent" musical makeover.

Yes, the last place we lay our weary heads after a day bursting with hi-tech life enhancers has been given an eight-speaker upgrade. Sleepers will soon be able to doze off to their favourite music without the need for headphones, and perhaps even more remarkably, the tunes play out without disturbing any bed partners.

The reactive Zeeq pillow hooks up to an app that lets it stream music wirelessly while the pillow-dweller drifts off - and is set to to stop automatically at a time set by them before they go to sleep.

Then, after nodding off to the most popular songs to fall asleep to (sorry Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith) you can analyse your "sleep data". That would be a recording of any sounds you make, how much you move around and your "snore score."

The "super comfortable" bedding is still in Kickstarter stage at the moment, but the US-based makers of Zeeq have already raised more than £180,000 from 1,347 backers - four times its goal.

Other things the Zeeq pillow does:

  • vibrates (gently) when you snore so you move to a more comfortable position
  • vibrates to wake you up
  • monitors sleep activity - so you can review how much you move in the night
  • records what's happening - for the amusement/horror of sleeptalkers


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