Stylist wants to talk about our relationship with our bodies, and we want you to be a part of it

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Women talk about their relationship with their bodies.

Body positivity, self-love and wellness have replaced the quick weight-loss and fad diets that dominated our youths. But how easy is it to erase the impact of the diet culture we grew up with? Have we really moved on or have our true feelings about weight and body size just become shrouded in secrecy and shame? We’re holding an open photoshoot for Stylist women to tell us – honestly, and without judgment – how they feel. We would love you to be involved. Here’s how…  

Content warning: this article contains references to dieting and weight.

One Thursday afternoon in the Stylist office, we started talking about the diet culture that raged around us when we were growing up. The way the cult of weight loss and media circus around women’s bodies had seeped into our psyches, circles drawn around cellulite and fad diets promising us eternal happiness if only we altered the way we looked. All of which was accepted as the norm, until the age of body positivity arrived to free us.

Except, when we started to tell each other how we really felt about our bodies, it was clear most of us didn’t feel free. Perhaps the cultural obsession with weight and diets hadn’t gone away, it had just gone underground – shrouded in new language that paints certain food as ‘clean’ and tells us we should just ‘love ourselves’ without acknowledging the years of toxic messaging we’ve lived through.  

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For some of the Stylist team, it was the first time in years that we’d openly talked about weight. The first time we’d admitted that thinking about our size, our shape and the way our bodies look takes up a lot of our brain space, even if we wish it didn’t. But aren’t secrets and shame the very things diet culture has always thrived on? We firmly believe that being open, removing all judgment and giving women the opportunity to feel seen and heard is the most important step to removing shame around any subject.

Which is why we want to open up this conversation, and hear from you, our brilliant readers. What’s your relationship with your body, honestly? Are you conflicted between body acceptance and wanting your clothes to look or feel a certain way? Do you keep your true relationship with your weight and your body quiet? Maybe you truly have shrugged off the societal pressures and embraced your body in every way?

Whatever your feelings are, your voice deserves to be heard. Which is why we’re holding an open photoshoot on Sunday 29 May at a London location (to be revealed) and we’d love you to come along. You can share your thoughts, have your portrait taken by a professional photographer and get a free gift to take home with you. 

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