How long has your relationship got left? Try this app to find out

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Emily Reynolds
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Just in time for Valentine’s Day: an app that tells you how long your relationship will last…

Black Mirror – dystopian hellscape that it is – may not be the most obvious source of relationship advice. 

But this Valentine’s Day, the show is trying to help you work out whether your love will go the distance – or whether the clock might be ticking on your relationship.

Coach is based on Season 4 episode Hang the DJ, in which people are matched up by their compatibility via a complex ‘dating system’ – and are then given the chance to reveal the lifespan of their relationship. If both halves of the pair choose to do so within five seconds of one another, their relationship longevity is revealed. 

But if only one person presses the button, it has catastrophic consequences for the pairing, recalibrating its length until couples can only spend hours, minutes or even seconds together. 

Coach Dating works in exactly the same way. Just tap the button, share the URL with your partner and wait for instructions to tap the button again. You’ll then be told how long you have left together.

You might be lucky….

Or you might…not. 

And, as in Hang the DJ, you have to be quick about it. If you and your other half don’t press at the same time, Coach will ‘recalibrate’ the time you have left – and you’ll be forced to watch the timer tick down until you have only seconds left. 

So if you need yet another a reminder that love is fleeting, ephemeral and ever-slipping through our fingers this Valentine’s Day, try Coach here.

Images: Coach / Netflix