How to clean your fridge: hacks and tips to get rid of smells

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Been putting off cleaning out your fridge? We don’t blame you. But to help you get it done we’ve gathered some clever hacks and tips to make it as easy as possible. 

You’ve put it off for long enough, but it’s got to the point where you can no longer ignore the funky smell emitting from your fridge every time you open the door. Even if you shut it really quickly, it’s no good; that nose-wrinkling stench still wafts around the room..

Doing something about it requires some serious adulting, and we can’t say we’re huge fans. But, alas, it’s one. of those chores that really has to be done. 

So, to make life a little easier for all of us, we’ve sought out the best cleaning tips to get that fridge smelling and looking fresh and hygienic again. You’ll thank us later.

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Mix up your own cleaning product

There are plenty of benefits to mixing your own kitchen cleaning product, you’ll save on cost, use natural ingredients and always know exactly what you’re using.

Plus, they’re really effective! Cleaning expert YouTubers are a really good source for finding out about this, so we’ve popped two of our favourites and where to find them below;

Island Vibe Cooking’s cleaning fluid:
2 cups of water in a washing up bowl (to be used with a sponge)
1 tablespoon of washing up liquid 
1 lime squeezed
Half teaspoon of vinegar 

Clean My Space’s cleaning fluid:

1 cup of hot water in a squirt bottle
Half cup of white vinegar
Half teaspoon of washing up liquid
20 drops of lemon essential oil

Always let your cleaning product soak in

After you’ve cleared away any crumbs, leaves or debris leftover from your fridge, grab a microfibre cloth and all purpose cleaner and spray it all over, totally dousing your fridge in cleaning product.

But, instead of just wiping it away immediately, hold off a few minutes and let the cleaner sit. This is so that any stains or hard food that are stuck have a chance to soften up and be wiped off. Don’t forget about your shelves and drawers on the side, give them a spray too.

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Use baking powder to dissolve tough stains

If you encounter any difficult stains that won’t budge how ever much elbow grease you use on them, a top tip is to sprinkle some baking soda on top of the stain, layer it with some all purpose cleaner and then let that sit for a few minutes. Once it’s had time to soak in, you can try scrubbing it off again and it should be much easier.

Soak up bad smells

Ground coffee, porridge or activated charcoal can absorb odours in your fridge if left in there for a few days. Either pour a generous amount in a bowl and place on a shelf or spread out across a shelf. Once the smell has reduced, throw in the bin.

Keep your fridge freshly scented

Using a citrus cleaning product will help your fridge smell fresh initially, but to keep it this way there’s a few tricks you can use. Soak a cotton wool ball in vanilla extract and keep in your fridge, or place lemon halves face down on your shelf.

Keep stainless steel handles shiny

If your fridge door has a stainless steel handle, keep it shiny by using the appropriate polisher and rubbing only in the direction of the grain, never against. 

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