Furniture and homeware designed specifically for small spaces

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Renters, you’ll love these compact homeware designs which maximise on the space you do have. 

Do you live in a flat that’s not big enough to hula hoop in? There’s no shame in it, thanks to the rising population and renting crisis, most of us do.

It’s part of the reason we’ve seen a huge spike in interest around keeping things tidy. From Marie Kondo’s hit Netflix show to a rise in sales of storage solutions, and even mindfulness techniques that relate to the ‘tidy house tidy mind’ mantra – we’re all trying to make do with the space we’ve got.

But if you’ve been hunting for furniture and home accessories to help you organise your home (you might have even seen our storage suggestions you can buy on the high street), you’re going to love our edit of furniture specifically designed for tiny flats.

  • Layabout chair squidger

    Furniture for small spaces: Layabout Squidger chair

    Loaf’s Squidger range is designed to ‘squidge’ into smaller spaces, that can’t quite fit a typically sized chair or sofa. 

    The frameless chair and sofa are filled with microfibre chips, perfect for tight spots as they don’t have the usual structured wooden interior.

    Shop Layabout Chair Squidger at Loaf, £795

  • Pettit ladder desk

    Furniture for small spaces: Petit ladder desk

    Considering so many of us are working from home at the moment, this ladder desk comes particularly in handy if you a small home office space. 

    Not only does it lean up against the wall, but it’s both desk and bookshelf, which means maximum storage opportunities. There’s even a magnetic board for displaying your to-do list, (which is one of our biggest WFH tips for staying motivated). 

    Shop Petit ladder desk at Wayfair, £154.99

  • Wallace lamp and table

    Furniture for small spaces: Wallace lamp and table

    Is it a lamp? Is it a table? It’s both! Habitat have a whole section on small space living, but this light is especially nifty. 

    Shop Wallace floor lamp and table at Habitat, £195

  • Floating bedside table

    Storage solutions
    Furniture for small spaces: Floating bedside table

    This floating bedside table works perfectly for those whose bedroom is the size of, well, the bed. 

    Note the space underneath for keeping books, your phone and other trinkets. 

    Plus, with the useful draw and surface space on top, you’ve got plenty of options to keep things tidy. 

    Shop Floating bedside table at Urbansize, £125

  • Plywood hallway stand

    Small space homewares
    Furniture for small spaces: Plywood hallway stand

    We’re tempted to steal the styling of this furniture piece straight from Urbansize, as the rattan details and earthy-toned print look so on-trend.

    Not only is this piece slimmer than standard so that it will fit into smaller hallways, but the legs lean inwards to make for more storage opportunities underneath. 

    The brand has also thought about somewhere to keep your bits and bobs, and have included two understated drawers. 

    Shop Plywood hallway stand at Urbansize, £160

  • Rattan basket

    Furniture for small spaces: Rattan Basket

    The circular shape of this rattan basket makes it easy to throw whatever bits and bobs you have lying about, somewhere a bit tidier. 

    Bundle in blankets, throws or towels, for an on-trend storage solution that can be moved around your home.

    Shop Rattan basket at H&M Home, £34.99

  • Floating dressing table

    Small storage solutions
    Furniture for small spaces: Floating dressing table

    A dressing table can feel like a luxury in a small flat, but it can make such a difference to have somewhere to get ready in the morning. 

    This clean-cut, floating design means you don’t need as much floor space and as it’s fitted directly on to the wall, you aren’t losing precious inches behind it, either. 

    Plus, we love the look of this chic mirror placed above it. 

    Shop Floating dressing table at Urbansize, £180

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