Channel 5 domestic abuse documentary.

Channel 5’s domestic abuse documentary is trending for all the right reasons

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Here’s why Channel 5’s How To Leave Your Abusive Partner Safely In Lockdown was a vital watch for millions of people during lockdown. 

In the UK, there are over two million people suffering domestic abuse. During the Covid-19 lockdown, victims are isolated with their abusers 24/7. Since lockdown began, the severity of domestic abuse cases has escalated. The number of women killed at home has doubled.

These are just some of the harrowing statistics that were shared at the start of Channel 5’s vital new programme How To Leave Your Abusive Partner Safely In Lockdown

The documentary, which aired on Wednesday 13 May, informed viewers of the realities of life for people behind the domestic violence numbers. 

It explained the behaviours of abusers, detailed the process of what happens when victims look for help, and shared advice on where to go. 

Experts also went into specifics about how lockdown is affecting abuse.

There’s no sensationalism, no glossy finish – it simply gives viewers all the information and support they need if they are affected by domestic abuse.

That’s why people on Twitter are praising the documentary.

One viewer shared the helpline number and tweeted: “Channel 5 have done excellent programming throughout this, and tonight they’ve got an excellent programme on how to leave an abusive relationship.”

Another wrote: “How amazing channel 5 doing a programme on how to leave your abuser during lockdown. So important.”

And a third viewer added: “This current programme on Channel 5 about how to leave an abusive relationship is so important and informative. Would recommend watching even if only to be able to support friends, neighbours etc who might be in that situation.”

The response to the documentary reiterates just how important it is to discuss domestic abuse factually in the mainstream. This is such a prevalent issue that needs to be given a platform to reach the people who need it.

How To Leave Your Abusive Partner Safely In Lockdown is available to watch on My5.

If you are isolated with an abuser and need help in accessing support, or you think someone you know is in an abusive relationship, we have rounded up all the essential advice.

The National Centre for Domestic Violence offers a free, fast emergency injunction service to survivors of domestic violence regardless of their financial circumstances, race, gender or sexual orientation. Text NCDV to 60777, call 0800 9702070, or visit the NCDV website.

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