Quiz: What are your sleep saviours based on your sleep personality?

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If sleeping was as easy as shutting your eyes and hitting the pillow, life would be a whole lot easier. 

As it happens, there’s blue light, white noise, racing thoughts, not-quite-dark-enough rooms and temperature issues that even one leg out the duvet can’t fix. 

Help is at hand. Take our quiz below to find out what you need for a good night’s shut eye based on your sleep personality.

Question 1/5

How easy do you find it to fall asleep?

Question 2/5

When it comes to bedding what’s your dream setup?

Question 3/5

What’s your most common sleeping position?

Question 4/5

Do you dream…

Question 5/5

How do you feel when you wake up?

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Whatever your sleeping habits, make sure you’re taking your bedtime to the next level with This Works and M&S.